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by lesley2520


I found out that I had Rh negative blood four years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. In the last month I have been experiencing tingling in my feet, fingers, and the side of my stomach, joint pain, and occassional swelling in my arm. The doctors are checking for any type of autoimmune diseases and I am awaiting those results. I was just curious if anyone might know if Rh negative blood types had been associated with autoimmune diseases. Thanks for any replies!




APOLOGIES correction:  My mother was given the injection serum when pregnant with me.  Her blood is RhD Negative and she is not responding to any of the Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment, in fact they are making her worse. 


I think maybe the epidemic in 1952 of viral hepatitis also termed "Catarrhal Jaundice" could be a factor for the RA in Mum.


I believe "they" know and many of us (our families) are taking science and medicine in leaps and bounds at the cost of our lives, and slow death.


Thank you.


Cheers and well wishes to all.


Hello lesley2520


Please see my post.  I hope this helps.


I have some links I would like to share for all.


I neglected to mention that my blood type is A positive, like my Dad.


Thank you.



Hello all,


My mother is RH negative, her father also RH negative, her Mother O.  When my mother was pregnant with myself (second) child (one older sister no other siblings) my mother was not given the injection.  This was in 1968 in Cheshire England. 


My Mother has Rheumatoid Arthritis - too hard basket.  My Dad has mouth cancer, type II diabetes and now vascular dementia. 


I have Fibromyalgia, Lyme & Morgellons Disease and co-infections; Rickettsia (Spotted Fever Group), Mycoplasma Fermentan's (incognito strain) Bartonella Henslae.


Can anyone please help me understand this.  What lead me here was a tip off on MTHFR Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms [SNPs]   


Thank you kindly for your help

Rh Negative Registry

I really hope you'll check out the New Member's Area.  It deals specifically with this subject of connection between Rh-Negatives and Autoimmune Conditions. Here is the link to the homepage for sign up.
The Rh-Factor Autoimmune Connection Member Home Page

Response to Jessica's post

     I think you are misunderstanding how people are typed based on the antigens that are present on your RBC (phenotype) and the genotype.  The Genotype is what you inherit on your genes from your parents.  The Phenotype is the genotype that is expressed physically.  You were talking about A+/- being neutral type and not being positive.  That is not true.  You either have the D antigen on your Red blood cells or you don't.  If you have a Genotype of Rh +/-, you will express the D antigen on your RBC.  The reason why is the D antigen is dominant.  So the only way to be D negative is to inherit a Genotype of -/-.  I am Rh negative, my mother is Rh negative and my father is Rh positive.  The only way that I could be Rh negative is if my Genotype is -/-.  So the only way I could inherit that genotype is if my father is Rh +/-.  This link about Punnett Square may help you understand what I'm trying to say...

Otherwise keep up with the research.  I'm researching my own thoughts which is how I was led here.




I am actively researching the connection between Rh-Negative Families and Autoimmune Disease.  I found the HLA-B27 Genetic Marker while researching my A- Blood. 


The RH-Negative Factor, HLA-B27+ Genetic Marker and Autoimmune Disease...Plus my story of the CHUCK!  Please read!
"WE" are NOT Taught to KNOW just how different we ARE! 
Here is some information about the HLA-B27 genetic marker that runs positive in my family for generations. This explains the reasoning for testing both the RH- Status of your blood and the HLA-B27 Genetic Marker if you have Undiagnosed Pain or Joint Issues or have an Autoimmune Disease.
Ankylosing Spondylitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis are just two of many autoimmune disease that may be more prevalent to those people who are tested positive for a genetic marker called HLA-B27 and which tend to lap over each other making for hard diagnosing of the conditions.
My theory that the Rh-Negative & Recessive Blood Factors are associated with HLA-B27 positive genetic marker readings, is based on the research that 85+% of individuals diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis or "AS"; happen to test positive for the HLA-B27 genetic marker, which is said to be had by only about 8% of the population or less, based on geographical location. I saw a connection because the blood type O- also appears in about 7% of the population and again that percentage varies by the geographical location of the population. After researching this connection and family history, I felt confidant enough to lay out my theory for my mothers' doctors, they listened and tested her for the genetic marker and it came back positive, as did mine, my children's and my grandmother's. Again this is a genetic marker that supposedly only 8% of the world carry.
You do not need to be Rh-Negative to come from an Rh- Blood me. I am 1 of 11 kids and the only Rh- but my parents are both 1/2 breeds :) as in they have a Rh- RECESSIVE blood factor. Some interesting info.
1.) The HLA-B27 genetic marker is said to be had by approx. 8% of the world's population. Similarly Type O- blood is had by about 7% of the world. Both share traits that show their migration pattern through geographical location and ethnic background, nearly hand in hand.
2.) Rh- (- -) and Rh+ (+ +) people have different immune systems. Rh-Negative people have a stronger immune system response. Medical professional's don't even acknowledge people who are Rh (+ -) and the implications it may have on their individual immune system type.
3.) Copper and Inflammation - Copper in an important factor in the body's immune response. It is said that Rh- people are more cooper based and Rh+ people are more iron based. Since Auto immune diseases like AS can cause inflammation, I believe copper levels should be looked at more seriously, especially in relationship to the natural levels for that persons specific blood type. If iron is taken so seriously with anemia, why not look at the connection to copper, inflammation and neuropathy that so many of us complain of.
4.) We process CO2 more efficiently.
5.) We have Vitamin and Mineral Absorption Issues. Especially Vitamin D, B12, B6 and sometimes K, as well as Iron, Zinc and Copper Influxes and Imbalances.
There are other clues I used to put my theory together. So far, I have proven it correct in my family. My mother's doctors never tested her for HLA-B27 or auto immune until I approached them with this information. It was enough to make them take a look at it as a possibility and she was positive. My mother is HLA-B27+ and blood type O+, but she is really blood type OO+ - and to simplify it, her blood type becomes O+. So while she is Rh+...she is also Rh-. If this is not a true statement, she cannot be my mother.
I am type AO - - = Type A-
My hubby OO - + = Type O+
Kid 1 is AO - += Type A+
Kid 2 is OO - + = Type O+
I also believe that the disease manifests itself differently in symptom based on this theory, as it seems Rh- and Rh+ people show the predominance of certain issues and symptoms as a group. Meaning more Rh+ people have issues A,B,& C while Rh- people experience more of D, E, & F. I believe it would be much easier to see these trends with less confusion if there were 12 blood type classifications.
Rh-Positive Types: A+, B+, AB+ & O+
Rh-Negative Types: A-, B-. AB- & O-
Rh-Neutral Types: A+/-, B+/-, AB+/- & O+/-
Over time we've been given the almost unchanging statistics of:
15% are RH- and 85% are RH+
First of all, most people do not know their blood where does this statistic come from???
Since we get one blood type and one blood factor from each parent - WE HAVE TWO.
If your 2 blood factors are -- they call you RH-
If your 2 blood factors are ++ they call you RH+
If your 2 blood factors are +- they still call your RH+ and
You'd be a half breed :) 1/2 Rh+ and RH-.  If Rh+ are built one way and Rh- are built a completely different way...What about the person in the middle - They RH+/-? They must be different as well. Our immune systems, transfer systems, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, iron and copper levels and more!
My story of the Chuck... If a chicken (Rh++) and a duck (Rh--) try to mate, they do NOT create a CHUCK (Rh+/-)naturally....BUT if there was an animal called a CHUCK (RH+/-) it would have an easier time mating with both the chick (Rh++) and the duck (Rh--), because it is 1/2 of what it is trying to mate with...
I think the confusion in the body of the CHUCK Rh+/- creates a "dis-eased" condition.
I also think the stats have to be more like 15-20% Rh-, 25-30% RH+ and the rest 50-60% Rh+/-
Hope this helps you understand how I began down this road of research.  My parents, siblings and kids are all CHUCKS....I am the only rare DUCK!




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