This page had been created to try and get to the bottom of the debate surrounding AIDS/HIV,
the Rh-Negative Population and the genetics that make a person resistant to the virus. 

Comments and questions are received daily related to this subject, like this one. Jonathan writes, "I found this document while doing some research on Rh- blood types and I was wondering if anyone here might be able to help me out with a question I was having. Does anyone here know of any cases where a Rh- person contracted HIV/AIDS? I have always believed that HIV/AIDS was an engineered disease to wipe off certain races of people and I thought that blood type would be a great way to target certain races since 95% of all African Americans and 99% of Asians are Rh+ and the bloodlines of the elites in the world seem to be Rh-Negative. Just a thought of mine and any info would be greatly appreciated."
It seems we need to compile the information available and try to come to a conclusion of opinions on this subject.  Is it the CCR5 delta 32 mutation, does it so happen that more Rh-Negatives carry this genetic mutation,? Could it only be the O-Negative population that carries immunity?  What is it about the proteins on the blood cells? Clearly there are a lot of questions to answered and information that needs to be reviewed.

Secrets of the Dead: Mystery of the Black Death, AIDS & The Delta 32 Mutation

The CCR5 Antagonist

HIV Resistant Genes...Rhesus Negative, Excess PK & CCR5 Deletion

Did you know there are 2 strains of HIV/AIDS?

May 16, 1976

<p class="plain"><font class="customtext2">Did you know there are 2 strains of HIV/AIDS?</font><font class="customtext2"><br><br>Do you think that a person could be immune to one strain and not to the other?<br><br></font></p>

So after reading up on the subject...

May 16, 1976

<p class="plain"><font class="customtext2">What is your opinion? Are the Rh-Negative Factor, the CCR5 delta 32 mutation and Aids Resistance, Immunity and Treatment...even possibly a cure; all related?<br><br>Do you think it is the luck of the draw and that anyone can get a double dose of the delta 32 mutation, no matter the blood type?<br><br>Please share your opinions or start your own thread!</font> <br></p>