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by Amy
Enki & Enlil ~ Do you believe?


Do you believe that Enki was a good guy?  I have been reading this story and wonder what others think about it.  I am B- and only found out how rare it was by looking up the 13th constellation Ophicus.  I think this is an interesting topic. Anyone have any input?


RE: Enki &amp; Enlil ~ Do you believe?

Enki is the good one. He is the father of Inanna, my goddess. Inanna was the first deity known to be worshiped by humans. She came to me years ago to inform me that I belong to Her.

RE: Enki &amp; Enlil ~ Do you believe?

I am o-o-rhf I have abilities also but keep them quite to myself beens I have noone near me such as myself. I am very diffrent. These sights are helpful in every way. I will continue to resist any negative pressing energy.

RE: Enki &amp; Enlil ~ Do you believe?

RE: Enki &amp; Enlil ~ Do you believe?
Steven Vaughn Stafford

Hello, I am O-.  I am also of the Stafford bloodline which is royalty as [one of my direct ancestors is Edward Stafford 3rd Duke of Buckingham] my bloodline can be traced to the Carlovingians, the Merovingians, the Frankish Kings, the Sicambers, the Trojans, and Judah himself.
I'm under the awareness that the epic of Gilgamesh is the earliest known poetic contribution of the ancients and could be a piece of the puzzle of all of our origins, but could also be part of the work of the adversary to establish doubt about the origins of man.  The creation of a slave race in the Epic of Gilgamesh implies alien involvement, yet the creation story of genesis implies the very same as the Elohim wanted to create man in "our" image [He and His]. Some say that Enlil is YHWH and that he wants to destroy mankind and that Enki [Satan] is against him.  Our creator loves the world and will destroy it when he sees fit.  Obviously he was successful in destroying most of mankind and the Nephillim with the great flood which submerged many underwater highways and cities visible from Google Earth throughout planet Earth's vast oceans.  Traces of that empire are still on dry land in the form of pyramids and stone cities with giant precision block masonry.  Skulls of giants and coneheads {Sons of Elohim} were found supporting the story.  The foundation of many ancient building complexes such as in Athens Greece [Acropolis] and Y'rishlim [Temple Mount, Jerusalem] are enormous and unexplainable which could only be explainable by referring to the giants of the bible who were destroyed by the flood most likely because of their lawlessness and cannibalism.  Does any of that point to a race of slaves?  The O- blood was the blood of Adam.  It was mixed with Neanderthal, Hedelbergensis, and other hunchbacks to form the Rh Positive strain of modern mankind.  The traits of Cro-Magnon overtook the traits of Neanderthals and they went extinct through breeding and war as they were smaller and more docile.  Rh+ are a little bit less than original man.  Make no mistake about it though, they aren't much different.  My parents and my brother are all Rh +.  I'm the oddball of the bunch with a noticeably larger skull.  I'm also the tallest and meanest of the bunch.  I have a natural inclination to rule which was passed on to me from the Sicambers.  I love all types of meat.  I have extreme telepathic abilities. 
I have developed the ability more lately [after 1994 since the High Altitude Aurora Research Program was implimented] the government has interfered with me with their ELF [extreme low frequency] towers.  They use microwaves and electromagnetic frequencies in conjunction with their super computers dictated by think tanks where they try to manipulate mankind like the matrix.   They simulate paranormal.  For instance, there is a sensation of someone tapping out messages on my skin.  That's a mind play.  They use super computers to communicate their agenda and use synthetic emotions to manipulate the group think.   Awareness immediately thwarts their efforts, yet they continue to harass as a show of presence.  They want me to bow to them, yet in reality it is the other way around because I know I am superior to them. There is manipulation of the organs of the body.   They constantly try to confuse me, but I know me.  I know what knowledge I have accumulated.  I have documentation of their many crimes.  I have an external hard drive that I PDF constantly what I find about them.  We shall win against the oligarchy.  Rest easy humanity, we are all related.  The real enemy is the Queen of England [my blood relative], The Vatican, and the Rothschilds.  The rest of their network of morons are in on it and helping them and must be dominated.  We shall dominate them.  Let the O-'s prevail.  USE YOUR POWERS AGAINST THEM!  DO NOT BOW TO THE INFERIOR!

RE: Enki &amp; Enlil ~ Do you believe?

My husband is an Ophicus sign and his favorite subject is History too!

Any others out there?

RE: Enki &amp; Enlil ~ Do you believe?

I have heard of ophicus this is my birthsign not sagitarrius .. Its beautiful - I am also AB Rneg.. Its such an interesting topic and awakening has been on and off for about 2 years now.... but I am aware that I am different .. but in a good way - I am currently in the process of waking .. Reiki is a good thing too sorry babbling .. I am not sure about the Enki/Enil i need to research .. the last time i woke up i had an overwhelming thirst for quantum Physics .. sooooooooooooooo not me at all lol but learnt about that one ... this awakening is all about history .. my fav subject..

RE: Enki &amp; Enlil ~ Do you believe?

Enki rules!



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