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by Jessica
The Rh Battery Room. Are you Rh (+/ -)?


The Rh-Battery Room.

Do you have a recessive Rh- Blood Factor?


Come share with other Rh-Battery  (Rh+/-) individuals! 


Share your story, traits, thoughts and questions with others who share your unique blood type.  Find connection, similiarities and differences we have in common.


Please introduce yourself by reply and join the conversation!


RE: The Rh Battery Room. Are you Rh (+/ -)?

Hello Im RH +(+/-), im mexican.

My father is A- and my Mom is O+.

RE: The Rh Battery Room. Are you Rh (+/ -)?
christopher wolfe

 ohello my name is christopher wolfe. I am A- and the only thing I can discuss in this post is empathic and conducive to the gifts of my blood type. Here it goes. Empathy precognition seeing through an animals eyes once I guess that's remote viewing mind reading or receiving telepathy collective consciousness visions in dreams of events that play out in life not necessarily in chronological order and at times feels like my mere thoughts can manifest materially into the awake realm. If this doesn't look right it is because I cannot see anything I am typing. Some glitch in mobile I guess. This is some of the things I go through and experience in life. I feel alone and in great company at the same time .......very weird.

RE: The Rh Battery Room. Are you Rh (+/ -)?

I am B- and both my children are Rh + (+/-) my daughtet is B+,my son is o+. What is interesting with me is both of my parents were/are RH+(+/-) ,I am african american but there are red heads in our family, I carry a recessive red head gene (23&Me) , my dad and daughter are left handed ,I wonder how many people are heterozygous RH+ people.

RE: The Rh Battery Room. Are you Rh (+/ -)?

I am B- and have 1 child who is B- and two who are O+



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