What is a Personal Healthcare Research Consultant?


A Personal Healthcare Research Consultant provides information and resources to people who are looking for a different, out of the box and more personal approach to their healthcare.  Currently our main focus is in the areas of Autoimmune Conditions, HLA-B27 Related Issues, Rh-Negative Blood Types and Chronic Pain or Illness.


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Rather than the traditional one size fits all approach to your healthcare; we will discuss your personal concerns, conditions or symptoms in depth to explore your condition.  We may also discuss information related to your family history, medical history, habits and lifestyle. Your Personal Healthcare Research Consultant may assist you in finding supportive information that could be helpful to your doctors while searching for a diagnosis, a new treatment or even the cause of your condition, pain or disease. 


A Personal Healthcare Research Consultant is not necessarily an expert, nor a practitioner, in any specific healthcare field. Our primary function is to compile research and then to consultant you, in layman's terms with their findings.  You may be informed about tests or treatments available that might be appropriate to explore with your doctor when looking for a diagnosis or finding a treatment plan that works for you. If needed, we may also help you locate local medical practitioners who provide diagnostic testing, certain treatments and/or have knowledge specific related to your condition.  As your Personal Healthcare Research Consultant, we are also available to help you become prepared to get the most out of your 15 minutes in the doctor's office; by helping to prepare your family medical history, create full symptom descriptions and producing symptom, diet or pain trackers.


According to the External link opens in new tab or windowSurgeon General : The Family History is more Important than ever!

From a researchers prospective, our insight includes looking at all available angles of cause, cure and treatment for your condition. It is our quest to make that information available for you to make more informed decisions about your healthcare with your doctor or specialist.  This may include researching pharmaceutical options, ways to naturally balancing the bodies own elements and alternative therapies such as, homeopathic treatments, acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, osteopathy, as well as alternative topical creams or body supports. Personal Healthcare Research Consultants look for the ways to rebuild, settle down or improve the function of your body's immune system, in an effort to allow your body to fight the condition and/or to repair the damage already done. In addition, they may provide you with information about vitamins, minerals, dietary changes and exercises that might help to reduce the pain or resolve some of your symptoms.