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by Jessica
Morning Sickness in your Rh-Negative Pregnancy?


Are you Rh-Negative and Pregnant?


Do you know if the baby is Rh- or RH+?

Are you experiencing Morning Sickness?


Please share your Rh-Negative Pregnancy stories about morning sickness or related issues here to help others!


Do you think there is a relationship between morning sickness and an Rh- woman carrying an Rh+ baby?

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RE: Morning Sickness in your Rh-Negative Pregnancy?

I had morning sickness 24/7 for 4 months. Absolutely miserable.

RE: Morning Sickness in your Rh-Negative Pregnancy?

I had morning sickness 24/7 for 4 months. Absolutely miserable.

RE: Morning Sickness in your Rh-Negative Pregnancy?

From about week 6 to week 12 I had morning sickness in my first pregnancy.  It was constant and only abated slightly on a full stomach.  But I had to keep eating filling foods to keep it at bay. It went away completely at 12 weeks.

With my second pregnancy I had it on and off but it was more tolerable and then went away completely also by about week 12.

RE: Morning Sickness in your Rh-Negative Pregnancy?

Hi, Im O-, had 4 babies with no morning sickness, (except 1 day at 3 mths with 1st baby A+)   last 2 babies also A+, + NO morning sickness, so I dont think there is any link.

O- mommy on 3rd child

I'm 13 weeks along with my third child and keep stressing over something being wrong. With my first two children (a boy and a girl) I never felt pregnant until I started feeling their kicks. With this child, I feel so nauseous all the time. Some things make me extra queasy, but I'm constantly feeling gross.

My husband is B+. I had before and after Rhogam shots with the first two. Someone at church brought up same blood type which brought me across this site. I then checked with my mom. She is O+ and my dad is O-. She felt perfectly fine with me and my 3 siblings, who are all O-.

RE: Morning Sickness in your Rh-Negative Pregnancy?

im currently 23weeks with my second pregnancy. AB- is my blood type. had my first pregnancy and carried my daughter full term, and shes A+. This pregnancy is another girl but carrying her gets worse every week. Dunno what type this fathers blood is because I've a knack for picking "winners".. yeah right.

here's hoping that we both come out fine on the other side of delivery.

RE: Morning Sickness in your Rh-Negative Pregnancy?

 I'm pregnant with my 4th child. 3 boys & all have their fathers blood type. I had sickness with all 3 at least 12-15 weeks. Certain foods just weren't edible to me until after birth. Now I'm carrying a long awaited little princess & so far I'm not sick at all. The only yukky feeling I get is when I'm hungry! So I eat & it goes..... No smells make me sick & so far no cravings or issues eating anything

RE: Morning Sickness in your Rh-Negative Pregnancy?

I am A Rh neg: in my first pregnancy I was sick 24/7 until 14 weeks and felt completely better by 20 weeks. But in my second pregnancy I felt sick all the way up til 28 weeks, when I had my Anti-d injection. After that I felt fine...Coincidence?? 

RE: Morning Sickness in your Rh-Negative Pregnancy?

I am O- Rh- and I have had had 4 full term pregnancies, 3 miscarriages, and 1 ectopic pregnancy. I was hospitalized during each of my pregnancies for my terrible 24/7 sickness. I was diagnosed with hyperemisis gravidarem and had to have a PICC line placed for fluids each time. I also have endometriosis.

RE: Morning Sickness in your Rh-Negative Pregnancy?

A- sensitized I had rogam before and during my first sons pregnancy and was sick throughout the pregnancy. At 27 week I got rogam and sometime during my third trimester I felt sick again. When my son was born he began to get sick and yellow and tests were done for their days. ?s about blood transfusions were asked etc. Finally he was admitted and determined to have rh disease of the newborn. I was advised not to have another baby with the same partner. None the less a got pregnant a year latter with my second son. No morning sickness and I felt great. Was not treated favorably but the docs and told he would not survive. Blood incompatible. B+, anti c and d , second child were strike against him. He was born full time at 38 weeks induced and blood transfusion at 2 days of age. My first received only light therapy. Both boys are healthy.

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