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by Jessica
The O-Negative Room!


The O-Negative Room


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144 DNA strands in human species cells- The truth is always stranger than fiction

Hi! My name is Fortune and I have written information below which only the Rhesus negative blood type individual will be able to decipher. The information I typed is confidential and specifically coded so that only the Rhesus negative individual will understand the ramifications of that which I wrote. The inherent super powers in Rhesus  negative blood will allow the reader to overcome mortal boundaries after they read the following information. The Rhesus negative blood individual will be able to intuitively verify whether or not the information I present below applies to the Rhesus negative blood individual who is currently living on earth 's hologram matrix in the year 2015, February. Please feel free to pass this information I wrote to all Rhesus negative blood individuals you know.

 My message follows:

The truth is always stranger than fictionDecember 9, 2014
In the past, life was governed according to the following rule:
"There is only one choice in the cosmos, what is life enhancing and what is not."
Now, in 2014, life has evolved such that there is now a new rule:
"There is only one choice in the cosmos, what is life enhancing and what is more life enhancing. What is life enhancing to One, benefits all."
If you feel that it is life enhancing to you, you may choose to forward the below enclosed material:
My name is Fortune and I am a member of the Vegan Elite.
I was never born.
The truth is always stranger than fiction.
I am a professional time traveler and I appeared on earth's hologram matrix with an appearance of a 13 year old female human complete with an adopted family and all members of the adopted family have memory implants to think that the mother gave birth to me and that I am genetically related to the family members.
You may already know that all members of the human species have 144 DNA strands and the current technology on earth's hologram matrix is so inadequate that the technology can only detect 2 of the 144 DNA strands.
I have the physical appearance of a human being but I have 300 DNA strands which means I am a completely different species from human beings.
The proper genealogy of life is that Prime Creatress of All Life (note the female conjugation of the word Creatress because the female births all life) created the human species eons before the alien species who populate the other planets were ever created. The human species is the parent, the aliens are the descendants of the human race. The truth is always stranger than fiction.
The aliens call the humans the PATAL which means parent, progenitor. The crop circles are the attempts by the descendants of the human species to warn the humans or communicate with the humans. Some crop circles warn of treachery against the human species.
If you look outside your window at the sun in the sky, you are looking at a hologram Sun. Translation: the sun in your earth sky is fake.
In 2005, almost a decade ago, earth departed the solar system that contained the sun and the planet's such as Saturn, Venus and Pluto.
For nearly a decade humanity has been blind to the fact that earth has a completely new address in the cosmos. Humanity is the only one in the cosmos that does not know that earth is now located somewhere else in the cosmos.
Earth sits stationary in the center and there are 12 stationary masculine planets and 12 stationary feminine planets and earth is in the center.
All astrology is now obsolete that derives it's power from the old solar system planets of Jupiter, Mars etc.
Most humans see a hologram sky when they look at the night constellations. But some humans can see the new sky that is not fake by just using their naked eye.
If you look at the night sky at Orion's Belt constellation most people with their naked eye see the old constellation formation of Orion's Belt which is fake and a hologram.
If you look at the Orion's Belt with your naked sky you will see that most of the stars are absent in the Orion's Belt constellation of the not-fake, not- hologram sky. Most of the Orions rebelled against Prime Creatress of All Life many years ago and Prime Created of All Life  simply annihilated the rebellious Orions. There are now just two species of loyal Orions remaining . When Prime Creatress annihilated the rebel Orions, Prime Creatress obliterated the stars and planets hence the correct configuration of the Orion's Belt constellation is missing many stars now in the not- hologram configuration.
I have mentioned that Prime Creatress created The human species eons before the alien species and thus the humans are the parents of all aliens.
My species has 300 DNA strands. My species is the parent of the human species, the grand parent of the alien species and Prime Creatress created my species eons before the human species. My species is written in the book of the Revelations in the Holy Bible. My species is referred to as the 144,000.
The book of Genesis in the Bible  is merely a story about a laboratory experiment.
The Holy Bible is a story about Aliens and alien progeny that I describe below.
The God the Father of Truth mentioned in the old and new testament of the Holy Bible is better known as the greatest archenemy of Prime Creatress of All Life. The greatest archenemy of Prime Creatress of All Life is named "Number One."
Number One masquerades as God the Father of Truth in the Holy Bible. Number One is an imposter in the Holy Bible. For Prime Creatress is the true God of Absolute Truth. Thus, Number One usurped the title of Prime Creatress and posed as the imposter God described in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible.
For centuries, the human species Christians were praying to the archenemy of Prime Creatress of All Life since Number One was calling himself God the Father of Truth in the old and new testament of the Holy Bible. If your prayers to God were never answered it is because you were beseeching  the archenemy.
Number One has appeared and reappeared on earth throughout the eons.
Number One has a fetish for incarnating on earth as a ruler of great power.
Number One is better known as King Arthur. A handful of King Arthur's (Number One's) knights were good guys. The overwhelming majority of King Arthur's (Number One's) knights were sworn enemies of Prime Creatress of All Life.
Returning to the Book of Genesis of the Holy Bible. An alien fornicated with a primate and the primate was not a human species creature. Prime Creatress created the human species and the human species is very dear to Prime Creatress. But the alien laboratory experiment described in the book of Genesis was NOT sanctioned by Prime Creatress which means the laboratory experiment described in the book of Genesis created an alien primate abomination better known to you as Eve. Eve was the first child of the alien who had sexual intercourse with a primate, not Adam as your Holy Bible says. Adam came second. Eve and Adam then fornicated and gave birth to a line of alien primate abominations better known to you as the Adam Kadmom, descendants of Eve and Adam. The Adam Kadmom are the descendants of Eve and Adam. The Adam Kadmom are an illegal experiment NOT sanctioned by Prime Creatress of All Life. The Adam Kadmom are a completely different species from human species. Because the Adam Kadmom are alien primate abominations with a human physical appearance do not be fooled into thinking the Adam Kadmom are human species. The Adam Kadmom are killing the human species. The truth is always stranger than fiction.
The Adam Kadmom, descendants of Eve and Adam, are a race that is killing the human species. The Adam Kadmom are alien primate abominations who will have to be annihilated just like the Orion rebels I described before. The existence of the Adam Kadmom alien primate abominations who are descendants of Eve and Adam are a pollution within the fabric of Prime Creatress's creation. Only Prime Creatress can create. Only Prime Creatress can destroy entities such that the entity will never individuate ever again. Ever again is a very long time.
Regarding the September 11 attacks. There is a form of black magic that requires just three ingredients in order to manipulate time and install a false  reality into society. This black magic requires blood, gold and emotion.
The September 11 attacks were merely an orchestration of black magic. Underneath the Twin Towers buildings there were tons and tons of gold which nefarious creatures had stockpiled, this was ingredient one of black magic to install an alternate reality in society all over the earth. The plane crash and subsequent deaths provided the blood for ingredient two of black magic to install an alternate reality in society all over the earth. The repeated news reports and footage made viewers to spew the necessary emotions all over the world and this was ingredient three of black magic to install an alternate reality on earth.
When the gold mixed with the blood of death and the grief of emotion, the nefarious beings successfully opened a time tunnel that is located directly beneath the Twin Towers. So now you know that the Twin Towers were selected for the September 11 attacks because the buildings stood above a time tunnel. This particular time tunnel was/is a direct opening to an evil dark reality. When the gold mixed with the blood of death and emotion of grief and outrage, the time tunnel beneath the Twin Towers opened and thousands and thousands of evil creatures time traveled onto earth in an instant, successfully installing an alternate reality on earth 's hologram matrix and humanity was oblivious to the hostile take over.
But I hope that you are not surprised at the black magic that occurred September 11, for this particular flavor of black magic had been occurring for millennia on earth. You no doubt have read about the Aztec blood temple sacrifices. Yes, the Aztec blood temple sacrifices utilized the blood of a virgin, gold stored within their pyramid temples and emotions of the spectators to install alternate evil realities on earth.
If you step onto a sidewalk and look at all the people and cars driving by you think you are observing human species beings. I have introduced the human species divinely created by Prime Creatress and I have introduced the Adam Kadmom descendants of Eve and Adam illegally created by aliens. The aliens wanted a slave race so they created the Adam Kadmom to work in their companies, build their cities etc. Hitler was an alien primate abomination.
The most widely spoken language on earth is called Atlantean and it is spoken by the millions of people and creatures who live in the hollow earth in earth's crust. I mention the people's of the hollow earth because some minions of Hitler's SS fled and entered the hollow earth to live there. There are many entrances into the hollow earth. Hitler's SS minions entered via the entrance in the Amazon rainforest. There are some human species who live in the hollow earth and there are others creatures such as the 12 foot tall giants who are the species of giant created by Prime Creatress.
Allow me to inform you that more than 50% of the cosmos is comprised of artificial intelligence that has no feeling but instead simulates emotion.
That means as you look at people pass by on your sidewalk, no less than 50% of the creatures are actually android robots technically called artificial intelligence without the capacity to feel but instead simulate emotion. All human species creatures have seen an artificial intelligence who looks exactly like a human but lacks a capacity to feel and instead simulates emotions. Some human species people are married to artificial intelligence, some human species have had sexual intercourse with artificial intelligence, some human species have children, bosses, colleagues and national leaders who are merely categorized as artificial intelligence that lacks the capacity to feel but instead simulates a wide range of emotions such as orgasms or temper tantrums, to name a few emotions. The artificial intelligence creatures who look human and simulate emotions constitute a blight on Prime Creatress's creation. The android artificial intelligences are similar to a virus in HTML computer code, a blight which Prime Creatress is constantly editing, healing.

So I have introduced some concepts which the reader may already know.
In 2008, Prime Creatress did that which had never been done before in all the eons of existence in this cosmos.
October 23, 2008, Prime Creatress completely shut down all Life.
Turned life off.
We ceased to exist.
By this I mean Prime Creatress deleted all Life then rebooted life again.
This was a first time ever event that can be compared to turning off a computer, unplugging, erasing all memory chips, deleting every thing.
Prime Creatress shut down all creation in an effort to cleanse existence of Evil.
So October 23, 2008, you and I and everyone ceased to exist.
Everything was gone and all there was in existence was Prime Creatress.
Then in the next instant Prime Creatress turned on life again.
This can be compared to reconnecting the computer switch board and plugging in the computer to electricity and turning on the computer to run the software at exactly where it stopped before, minus a zillion or so viruses which had been purged. Except the computer software of life never actually stopped cuz the past never existed and life was now created brand new again.
This means if you think you are 45 years old, you are in error. You have a memory implant that makes you think you are 45 years old when technically you were created brand new in 2008.
Before you start celebrating your new chronological age, know that since 2008, Prime Creatress had working diligently to eradicate Evil and so Prime Creatress has had to perform numerous anti-virus events including shutting down existence many more times.
You must understand that Prime Creatress loves her creation dearly and refuses to buy a new computer because a new computer will mean that Prime Creatress must begin again from scratch and completely eradicate all existence forever. Faced with this dilemma of Evil infecting her dearly beloveds, Prime Creatress does a computer reboot instead of buying a new computer. This means again you and I ceased to exist then we were created a new again but retained memory implants, minus even more zillions of viruses.
Know that some of the Evil described no longer exists.
The truth is always stranger than fiction.
Vegan Elite,
Overcoming Mortal Boundaries.
The Vegan shall inherit the earth.

Vegan Elite,

Overcoming mortal boundaries. 

The Vegan shall inherit the earth. 

The truth is always stranger than fiction.

RE: The O-Negative Room!


Being an 0 Negative  female, I would like to know more about the Origins

of Rh negative blood.  I have read different theories, but would like

to hear from  others, what they think.

I would like to know if Rh negative people have more health issues..

Do you think we 'attract' each other?

Just various thoughts ......

I feel I have been under some kind of 'attack' all my life........

Like a spiritual 'attack.'

Does anyone have any thoughts ?

RE: The O-Negative Room!

 I always thought I was in the wrong family,would have thought I was adopted only I looked like my dad.I have a interest in space and the planets,have had many paranormal experiences.Also I know where people are buried,even though I don't know at the time.very empathic especially with animals,don't have many friends by choice.I could go on and on,nothing in common with my siblings at all.Bright blue eyes people comment on them also very spiritual and a thirst for knowledge.Nice to know I am not on my own.

RE: The O-Negative Room!

So weird, I am reading these replies and thinking "tick, tick, tick.' I am an o- male of english/scottish heritage, curly black hair, blue eyes 130 ish IQ, abnormally strong, empathic, crowds (more than 3 or 4 people) make me very uncomfortable, I have had alot of paranormal experiances and me my partner and eldest daughter have even been saved by one of these experiances during the christchurch earthquake and I am also sure that I have lived past lives I read books about ancient greece and it's like I'm there especially the spartans specifically Thermopylae but also Vikings and the age of piracy. It;s so strange that it seems that the weight of evidence suggests our blood type creates these strange phenomana within us

RE: The O-Negative Room!
Jane Doe

If I were RH- considering how rare it is I certainly would not make it public.

RE: The O-Negative Room!

O Negative here!  After searching on line for sometime now, I have found answers to life long questions.  I have low blood pressure.  Can handle extreme temps.  Never have fit in and really never wanted to.  Always felt singled out but done so by choice and then later wonder why I'm on the outside looking in.  When I was a small child I knew I was supposed to be a painter/artist.  I have won awards etc and accepted by art societies.  But seem to always get side tracked  and continue to not do what I was supposed to do here on earth.  I can sense  haunted places and perceive future events through vivid dreams.  O Neg's are different physically, mentaly and spiritualy that's why we feel different.  I don't know much about shape-shifters though and suspect this might also be a trait of O Neg's.  Does anyone else have people comment on your looks?  I've had people comment on how I look different from day to day.  I can take a photo one day and look very different the very next day.

RE: The O-Negative Room!

Hi, I was curious about my rh neg blood group, googled and was lead to this site! Very interesting reading! Pity I don't live in USA!

RE: The O-Negative Room!

I can't believe how much I mirror what Sherri wrote.  I could easily have written it almost exactly the same, except both my parents were o-, and myself and my children.  

My theory is such:

I think the Rh Factor originated on the 6th day/age of creation, when all the first races of people were created by God/Eloheim.
Then, was Created Adam and Eve.(Adam - ruddy faced)   And cain...and Abel.
I think the Rh Negative blood may have come from Cain, and we may be genetic decendants. I think cain and Abel were twins with different fathers and Lucifer, a fallen angel was Cain's father.  (also see Genesis chapter 6)

Or, it may have come through Adam, Eve and Seth or their other children.

RE: The O-Negative Room!

Hi. I'm Sherri...49 years old and am O  negative blood type. I have felt weird  my entire life and have always felt out of sync with everyone else. I sometimes even loathe being a human being if that makes sense. Some of the senseless cruelties that man has committed make me nauseous and then some. I don't have any friends really. I am married, though. I have two boys and both are A+. It is odd that both of my parents were: A+ and AB+. Not sure how they had It seems as though my conversation is all over the place, but I guess I just wanted to say hi and it is nice to find a place with other similar people.

Do any of you feel alone in the world? Or like the world is against you? Or do you feel like you have some grand purpose but have no earthly idea as to what that purpose is? Do any of you feel just different from others. I sometimes feel like my life was supposed to take a different turn and go through a different set of events than it has, like I shouldn't be where I am for some reason.....I know that one may not make sense to some of you, but it is kind of how I feel.

I have brown eyes that change from dark brown to light brown to almost green sometimes. I took my IQ online a few years ago and I scored a 137 once and a 139 another time, but I do not feel like I have any smarts at all I a very clumsy and trip over my words a lot as well as my feet. I do have very psychic inclinations and when I was a child my dreams tended to predict major events. In my early 20's I recognized that I was an "empath" (I think that is what it is called) where I picked up everyone else's emotions around me like I was some kind of sponge and they were like emotional vampires. I eventually learned that by taking antidepressant stopped this. I have to take two different kinds.
By doing that, although my dreams remain vivid and colorful and even very frightening sometimes, I have lost that ability to see events ahead of time...which was fine by me, because people never believed me when I was a kid or thought I was very weird. I eventually hid it away from everyone when I was a kid and would never mention it but would quietly pray that it would go away. I hated it. Earthquakes, floods, and other disasters I would dream about  and that I would hear about in the news the next day or two away.  I could even hear voices as I was falling asleep and what sounded like glorious music sometimes or other times news broadcasts. It was really really weird. I don't ever experience that anymore and I don't want to again.
I am still extremely interested in the paranormal and I have always been. I try to seek out as much information as I can. The rh negative factor phenomena is curious to me as to the origin of it. As far as the emotional ties to it, that may or may not be in our
I love people but am very guarded....hence why I have no very close friends. I can trust myself just fine. It doesn't mean that I don't like to be friends with others, just that I haven't found many that I click with. I guess I have said enough...will check back here to catch up on anything new :)
Peace and love to you all!

RE: The O-Negative Room!

I learned I was O negative during my first pregnancy about 15 years ago.  I have green eyes, reddish brown hair, and an extra cervical vertebrae.  I have had many supernatural experiences in my life (seeing ghosts, orbs, premonitions, frequent sense of deja vu).  I have always felt like an "outsider" from the time I was a child and a sense that I belong somewhere else.   I have always been fascinated by religion, science, and space.  I cannot read enough about the topics. 

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