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by Jessica
The O-Negative Room!


The O-Negative Room


Come share with other O-Neg (Rh-) individuals! 


Share your story, traits, thoughts and questions with others who share your unique blood type.  Find connection, similiarities and differences we have in common.


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. Do any other rh - peeps have high body temps? i have changing hazel eyes, depends on my mood, yellow to hazel tan....

RE: The O-Negative Room!

O NEGATIVES HAVE GREEN,BLUE, HAZEL EYES...NOT  A+ green eyes...LOL!!!! We are  not angry!! We are empathetic and Insightful...etc.. So you are wrong Jumulator down below there!!!

RE: The O-Negative Room! my dear devine relation with all of YOU .I am messenger of our ancestors for help every one my blood relatives.
jai vardhan
RE: The O-Negative Room!

thanks a lot for opening all the facts and myths connected with this theme! [url=][/url]  will tell you about the problem of Macbeth!

RE: The O-Negative Room!
RE: The O-Negative Room!

Thanks a lot for the information! I'll keep in touch with you and spread the word amongst my friends! My blood type is not unique.

Concerned poor health is down to blood group

  Hi i am starting to believe that my bad luck in health is down to my o- blood group, i am 31 and i have been diagnosed with epilepsy at 14, disc degeneration and bulging discs, sacroiliac joint disfunction, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, chiari malformation and ibs diagnosed lately any ideas anyone thanks

RE: The O-Negative Room!

Hi im joan from pampanga and im O-negative.... I really want to know were I can get a donnor....pls responce if anyone's willing to donate a blood to me....

Longevity of Pure Blood Bloodtype O Rh negative

These of you who know more about serpent bloodline genetic traits and history, I just thought I'd post The following comment.

The below message I pasted seems to support a theory on psycopaths being mixed hybrids with higher blood pressure which signifies genetic tendencies to aggression and warlike behavior if you extrapolate from the data and draw conclusions.

It makes me wonder whether people with an activated "red hair" gene also have low blood pressure.

Perhaps other Rh negative bloodtype people are carriers of the "red hair" gene but don't express it because their blood pressure is too high, too dominant, so the "red hair gene" must be recessive to the higher blood pressure of the carrier Rh negative person.

Perhaps if the "red hair gene" carrier were to lower their blood pressure (by diet or exercise, for example), they would express more serpent bloodline features like red hair since the genes are already in the Rhesus negative bloodtype.

 I know some people encourage people to meditate on their DNA and learn skills from their ancestors. Perhaps it is easier to remember the skills of your ancestors if you aren't so angry/hypertensive, meaning if you have low blood pressure that supports calm meditation on DNA and inner knowing.

I also wonder whether some of the other blood type O negative traits signify low blood pressure such as pale never tanning skin, a calling to be a priestess, love of nature, inner knowing of the truth about events, etc.

 I know low body temperature tends to signify low blood pressure.

Maybe the genetics experiements that created the simples and eagles made the humanoids too prone to warlike behavior originating from hypertension high blood pressure genes which express as dominant to the serpent bloodline genes which express as recessive.

Perhaps the simples and the eagles are deaf/ less willing to hear/follow the teachings of the Mother Goddess because their genes "program" them towards aggression, greed and destruction of earth.

Maybe one major species barrier that separates the serpent bloodline, the eagles and the simples is the millimetres of mercury pressure that appears when taking blood pressure readings.

That possibility brings new meaning to "survival of the species:" the predators who annihilate prey to eventual extinct are just creatures with higher blood pressure who exhibit aggression and exterminate creatures with lower blood pressure.

Given this high blood pressure possible theme for the difference between the serpent bloodline, the eagles, and the simples, my question to myself is then, why does everyone want blood type O negative blood for transfusions? Even more puzzling, why are the eagle hybrid royalty so adamant about breeding with females who have serpent bloodline genes?

Why are the higher eyeball blood pressure eagles wanting to breed with the lower eyeball blood pressure serpent genes females in the ruling families of the eagle world empire?

Is it just aesthetics or is the breeding behavior an unknown form of survival: don't get too aggressive that the eagle bloodline self destructs so breed with the serpent genes females as a precaution? I dunno, so many possible answers.

 But actually, I have a clue about why the eagles and simples love to transfuse blood type O negative blood and breed with people with the serpent bloodline genes: the blood type O negative blood and genes are the fountain of youth allowing for a longer life span and better health. Read my second pasted comment on how low body temperature increases longevity.

I find the youtube video titled, "Persecution Rh Negative Bloodline - Revenge of the Redheads" to be very poignant where it says in the video: "And then they have the nerve to keep asking for OUR PURE BLOOD to save their lives."

The eagles and the simples are NOT stupid. The eagles and the simples recognise the latent power in the serpent genes and the eagles and the simples know that the pure blood Bloodtype O negative are the true leaders, they just do not want to give up their social power. Never underestimate the enemy.

Perhaps the ultimate revenge of the redheads of the serpent bloodline blood type O negative is that the serpent genes are the fountain of youth, the key to longevity. The Spiritual Royalty are the pure blooded Blood type O negative and their genes support long healthy life.

My comment that I mention in the first sentence now follows:

The science article pasted below explains that low eyeball pressure makes a blue color iris of the eye while the green color iris of the eye has middle eyeball pressure and brown eyes have the highest eyeball pressure.

Eyeball pressure is a good estimate for total body blood pressure meaning if you have low eyeball pressure as seen in the blue color iris of the eye then you can estimate that you also have low total body blood pressure.

Bloodtype O negative people tend to have low total body blood pressure and low body temperature.

Blood type O negative Neanderthal people have higher tendencies to blue color iris of the eye.

Blood type A+ people also known as Cro-Magnon people or eagle people have higher tendencies to green eyes.

The remainder of Blood type Rh positive people also known as the simples have a tendency to have a brown color iris of the eye.

So just by looking at the color of the iris, you can rank someone's eyeball pressure.

High eyeball pressure signifies tendency to hypertension.

The higher risk of hypertension from elevated blood pressure has a stereotype of someone who can get very angry at the slightest provocation. I suspect that higher eyeball pressure might explain one reason why eagles and simples have a tendency to act like psycopaths since eagles and simples tend to have higher eyeball pressures signified by green or brown eyes and a quicker temper signified by hypertension prone high blood pressure. Just a theory of mine from studying the science article and from reading about people's encounters with psycopaths.

Some people think genetics accounts for the reason why hybrid humanoids known as the eagles and the simples have psychopathic tendencies. Perhaps this eyeball pressure science article supports this theory of psycopathic tendencies correlating with genetics because genetics govern eye color expression and eyeball pressure.

Here is the science article:

American Journal of Ophthalmology

March 2003, Vol.135(3):384Ė386, doi:10.1016/S0002-9394(02)01967-0

Brief Reports

Iris color and intraocular pressure: the Blue Mountains Eye Study


To assess the relationship between iris color and intraocular pressure (IOP).


Mean IOP measurements increased with increasing grades of iris pigmentation. After simultaneous adjustment for variables associated with IOP, mean measurements were 15.92 mm Hg for blue iris color, 16.04 mm Hg for hazel or green, 16.11 mm Hg for tan-brown, and 16.49 mm Hg for dark brown (P for trend = .001).


This study demonstrates a modest but statistically significant association between increasing iris color and IOP.

Second comment that I mention above:

According to science research facts on wikipedia, I make the following hypothesis, feel free to agree or disagree. My hypothesis: blood type O negative people live longer because of the serpent genes for very low body temperature and very low blood pressure compared to the eagles and the simples. I inferred this longevity theory from reading the wikipedia quote which says:

It has been theorised that low body temperature may increase lifespan. In 2006, it was reported that transgenic mice with a body temperature 0.3-0.5 C lower than normal mice lived longer than normal mice. This mechanism is due to overexpressing the uncoupling protein 2 in hypocretin neurons (Hcrt-UCP2), which elevated hypothalamic temperature, thus forcing the hypothalamus to lower body temperature. Lifespan was increased by 12% and 20% for males and females, respectively. The mice were fed ad libitum.[43][44][45] The effects of such a genetic change in body temperature on longevity is more difficult to study in humans; in 2011, the UCP2 genetic alleles in humans were associated with obesity.[46] end


Persecution Rh Negative Bloodline - Revenge of the Redheads

Video website is:

Survey on eye color by Tau Tia:

Science article website:


Supreme Beings?

While I am on the subject of minerals and vitamins today:

 I reluctantly paste the following quote. I say reluctantly because the Quote is repulsively woo woo new age for my belief system and the quote talks about world domination which I think is just stupid and which I know will never come to be. Laughable really.

But the merits of the Quote are that the Quote offers insights as to what vitamins and minerals might explain the behavior of the different species of creatures walking on earth in a human shaped body.

 Are you, as the reader, able to identify the vitamins and minerals that cause aggression/world domination from reading this quote?

 What other effects do you think the other listed vitamins and minerals have upon the behavior of an individual?

What species and blood type is this "woolly-hair nine ether"? Are they chimpanzees descendants or gorrilla descendants, Rh negative or Rh positive?

Food for thought.

I have mentioned this quote before, I am pasting it again to see if the reader gains more insights:

Quote written by someone else:

Often times in the past I spoke to you about who and where you descended from, the original Supreme Beings, who bore woolly-hair nine ether, or 9 to the ninth power of 9 and had an olive green skin tone. These original deities possessed chlorophyll as the noticeable chemical. Many religions describe their gods as being green, like Krishna of the Hindus, he is depicted as being aqua marine. The Native Americans us the color topaz. The ancient Tamarean (Egyptian) deities Osiris and Isis are constantly drawn green. They say Isis is the bestower of life. Giver of her goods to the gods and giver of offerings to the spirits. She is a green goddess whose green color is liken unto the greeness of the Earth, the green vail between diety and man. The Esther of your bible, had a skin color that was green, greenish like the green of the myrtle. The real color of your skin is green not brown. Though you may say this sounds, crazy, you are brown because you have rusted.

Let me explain. You have taken in so many ions, and oxygen, which are poisoning your systems. This olive green skin tone you are lacking is because the melanin in your body is deficient of a vital molecule called magnesium. Many people think that melanin is suppose to make your skin color brown, however, it doesnít. Magnesium was lost from the melanin and that was when iron took its place. When you mix iron with water and oxygen, it rusts. This rusting color is you brown skin tone. Now it is no longer magnesium that is dominant, but the iron when mixed with water


and oxygen; both elements are essential to your life, and is what turns your skin color brown instead of green. Oxygen has now become toxic to your bodies. Believe it or not, the constant inhaling of oxygen to the system is poisonous. It has certain radioactive isotopes in it 14-0, 15-0, 19-0. You may not believe this, yet, if you do a little research you will find that it clears up many oddities about our present biochemistry. The NETERU, which is the Egyptian name for the ANUNNAQI, had an excellent balance of zinc, copper, magnesium, and iron in their blood streams to have green skin, copper would have to have been abundant in the blood. In other words their blood would had to have been more like chlorophyll, or even a gold color. The constant inhaling and processing of toxic oxygen and especially the content of CO2 in the air as it is, you are killing yourselves. You are speeding your life force, and you are bright and healthy looking, but you are aging more quicker than usual. We donít have enough zinc in our systems and this is why our sisters labor so much in childbirth; because of the lack of zinc. Iím not saying the color brown isnít a beautiful color, it is, but it still lacks something, and that lack is the color green, that chromatophore, that green, that magnesium, that gives you the chlorophyll base.

End quote.


Vegan Elite,
The truth is always stranger than fiction.
Overcoming mortal boundaries.
The vegan shall inherit the earth.

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