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by Jessica
The O-Negative Room!


The O-Negative Room


Come share with other O-Neg (Rh-) individuals! 


Share your story, traits, thoughts and questions with others who share your unique blood type.  Find connection, similiarities and differences we have in common.


Please introduce yourself by reply and join the conversation!

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RE: The O-Negative Room!

My father is o negative I am A negative. I'm not sure of my mothers blood type. My father has displayed psychic abilities. He is hyper aware of things. He gets feelings as he calls them and they are always accurate. He has hazel eyes and is in exceptional health for a 70 year old who smokes 3 packs a day. He is an intelligent man and has no friends as he feels everyone is less intelligent and it irritates him. We call it having common sense.

I myself have had dreams all my life that come true and am very empathetic to the point I feel ill and my emotional state is strongly influenced by that of those around me. I also have no friends. I am not lonely I enjoy being alone. I have never fit in and have always felt very different. I would love to have conversations with others like myself and my father.
Thank you for running this site.

RE: The O-Negative Room!
Joesph Smith

Iím O- and have known for years but not until recently did I start searching for answers to problems Iíve always experienced since childhood but could not explain. I fit into most of the common traits with exception of alien abduction and ESP ability. I have hazel eyes, brown hair and some red facial hair in beard and mustache when grown out. My stronger traits are a feeling of not belonging, empathetic illnesses, sense of mission in life, truth seeking along with sensitivity to heat and sunlight. Iíve always had a strong intuition that seemed beyond normal along with a weird and unexplained attraction to the moon, planets, meteorites and shooting stars. Wherever Iíve been in the world I always seem to be drawn to the moon and night sky as if there was something out there. In my late teens I experienced multiple near death experiences in an automobile and on a motorcycle, it was if, in each case I was guided out of the path of danger. As a kid I suffered from panic attacks from crowds, even parties where I knew the people attending. As an adult I still try and avoid gatherings with groups of people. Hiking and camping along with frequent trips to isolated beaches seemed to be my retreat of choice to escape and re-charge so to speak.

Was not my intent to ramble but to pose the question about blood types and compatibilities for companionship, not necessarily soul mates. As O- are we better off dating other O-ís? At my age I donít want to spend the next 10 years dating the wrong blood types only to figure out I should have been dating another O-/RH-. Not sure how much research has been done, Iím convinced there is a connection between blood types, Iím just curious to see as an O-, if there is any science behind compatibilities.

RE: The O-Negative Room!

I'm Sesheta (user name). Me, my sister and mother are O negative. Believe my dad was O positive, as brothers are O positive.  Am mixed race, my DNA (by Ancestry) is 56% African (mostly Camaroon/Congo), 43% European (mostly Scandinavian/British) 1% other (Pacific Islander/Native American). I've known about my bloodtype since I was 18 (had an abortion/received rhogam), am now 64 years old and have no children (by choice). Once lived with a man (8 yrs) who (unbeknownst) was bi-sexual, who contracted AIDS/died. I tested/remain negative to the HIV virus. He was AB positive. My sister in-law (an RN) told me that because my bloodtype was O- my HIV test would be negative, and I would still have the virus. That was 30 years ago, when information about AIDS was almost non-existent. Needless to say, I was terriied the first couple of years after he died. Have since been engrossed with bloodtypes. Wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience with HIV/bloodtype.

RE: The O-Negative Room!

 I too have o neg RH , I am here to learn more about my blood type.

RE: The O-Negative Room!

Hello, Inanna is not my real name but the name I like to use; She is my patron goddess. Long story. I am 50 years old and never realized just how rare RH- is and the theories about the origin blow my mind. I have read accounts from other RH- people and quirks I thought were just my own hang ups seem to be more than that. I am very connected to Nature and the Other Side. I am classified as mentally ill with chronic depression, bipolar and undiagnosed DID (used to be called multiple personality), however, the 'alters' I have are not alters at all but are spirit guides and are my ancestors. While I adore the Earth, the hate the world and am having more and more difficulty functioning in it. I don't feel like I belong here, everything seems so off center to me. I tend to drain watch batteries and I am on my 3rd pacemaker, I seem to drain them, too.

I have always thought myself to be different and have always thought that, somehow, I came from some other planet or realm. I really do not consider myself to be human or not fully human, anyway but am afraid to tell anyone because I know what the reaction will be.
I am a practicing Witch and that. along with my connection to the Other Side, my Spirit Guides, Nature and animals have helped me to so far not kill myself. I want out of here so very, very badly. I want to go Home, where I belong. I want it so much it physically hurts.
I have a wonky heart, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis and who knows what else. I love learning and learn quickly and easily but can get bored easily. I want to reach out to something I can't quite name. There is something out there that I want, something with which I need connection but I cannot figure out what it is.
I have a husband whose health is declining so I am trying to deal with that. I pray he gets disability this month! I am on disability but had to take a part time job as a cashier to get us through. I do not want to be there. This is not where I am meant to be. I want to go back to my herbal studies (I am a certified herbalist) and back to further study my Witchcraft.
I look forward to hearing from other RH- people to compare experiences.

RE: The O-Negative Room!

I am O Negative, born to an Italian/Jewish schizophrenic mother. My father was of African/Spanish descent, (or so I've been told). I was taken and put up for an adoption by someone I truly feel was doing studies on me. My mother was murdered when I was 7 or so. Her death was ruled a suicide. I was in therapy since 3 for trauma and diagnosed as an adult to have CTPTSD, borderline personality disorder, and bipolar disorder. I have had psychic dreams which have played out in front of my eyes. I have seen death in two people, whom were murdered within months of me being overcome with my visions. I do well in school, when I can conform and I want to succeed, I am the best. When I cannot follow the rules, or believe something is not right, I can self destruct; and have. I have had wonderful jobs with great responsibility and importance. I have taught social justice, worked in social work, the medical field as an administrator, and worked in high paying customer care roles, which I executed seamlessly. I seem to bounce from job to job because I bore easily  and when the distinction between me and my colleagues becomes too prevalent, I tend to abort ship. I am now working towards a CSEC group home, developing policies and operation plans. I truly want to be a doctor, so I am working towards that. I love cats, well all the water and the trees. ( I AM ALL OVER THE PLACE haha...)  I am an avid athlete, and can play any sport, and have in my lifetime. I am also an artist and have won awards as a child, poetry and creative writing as well. Everything that was put in front of me, I could figure it out. AND! -  how to be acceptably successful at it. My revelation as I crept into the mystery of my blood type, led me to believe that my mental "illness", (I like to call it capacity), is truly non existent, but a characteristic of my kind, being negatively triggered by the Rh+ environments.  It may be why I view bipolar disorder as an asset and positive attribute, rather than a disabling illness. Before I truly felt the significance of my blood type, I reveled in my mental illness convinced that something bigger and greater made me this way for a special purpose, and I loved it.  I like to think of myself as a chameleon of sorts, so much so, I have two tattooed on me.  

RE: The O-Negative Room!

Jumilato, Im a red hair gene carrier with low bloodpressure hmm

RE: The O-Negative Room!

Hi Im O- as well. A strong 0- both parents and both sets of grandparents ae rh o- as well. I am o- female with dark brown hair with reddish high lights. I have brown eyes with a hints of dark green. Eyes turn bright emerald green at times. On an average day my eyes are brown n green except when Im sad They have like a crescent mooned shaped green just in my lower eyes. I am a social person and offstandish as well at times. I have always had pannick attacks since a child. Misunderstood by most. Most all my life I have felt alone except by my simblings. I am above averafe intelligence and also have a liking to science

RE: The O-Negative Room!

Hi Everyone,

O-Negative here too. I have the blonde hair, blue eyes, and can sense what people are feeling/thinking as well.  Plus some other traits discussed. I'm glad to know that there are others like me !!   Nice to meet all of you!

RE: The O-Negative Room!

 Hi o neg here

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