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by Jennifer
20 Weeks Pregnant & Rh-Negative




I am 20 weeks pregnant and have seen something about a RhoGam pill instead of the injection.  Has anyone every heard of that and had success using it?  My doctor said the RhoGam shot was the best thing but it makes me nervous to use a blood product...


Any advice?



RE: 20 Weeks Pregnant &amp; Rh-Negative

There are several Anti-D options, just do your research! Good Luck!

RE: 20 Weeks Pregnant &amp; Rh-Negative

Hi Jenn,


I have not heard of a RhoGAM pill alternative, especially since RhoGAM is a human blood product.  However, I do know there is a connection to the abortion pill.  If you are Rh-Negative, you should have the RhoGAM shot after the abortion pill, a miscarriage, etc.


If you find a great alternative, please post it for others to consider or research.





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