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by Rebeka
Poll: What's your blood type?


What is your blood type?






I am Type A-

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RE: Poll: What's your blood type?

I am A- hazel eyes, brown hair with red highlights before I started going silver at age 30.  Have always had low blood pressure, low temp.  Scots/Irish descent.  Am fighting stomach/intestinal issues

RE: Poll: What's your blood type?
Barbara Holinaty

I am type A-

RE: Poll: What's your blood type?

I am 0-, what I would like to find out is since I was a teenager on occasions I have seen strange things in the sky and a few years ago from 2004 until 2014 kept seeing discs and triangles, and they followed me in my car. I have always been called strange and different from a young teenager, which did upset me back then, and always been on the outside looking in, because I think differently, act differently, love animals and everything on the planet. Even wrote to Prime Ministers before the computers and internet to try stop animal cruelty, all to no avail. I am also psychic, to the point of it shocking people, including myself, it never ceases to amaze me what I seem to KNOW. Animals love me, especially cats, and vice versa. I have always known what people are thinking and what their opinion of me is. Have high IQ, can't stand crowds, can't stand noise, can hear things other people can't hear, and the list goes on.

RE: Poll: What's your blood type?

Red haired and green eyed.  But so is my Dad who is RH positive.  I have the same blood type as my mother, who has black hair and hazel eyes. 

RE: Poll: What's your blood type?

O negative here.

RE: Poll: What's your blood type?

 O- here,hazel eyes, dark brown hair, Scots/Irish. I have always been able to stop myself getting sick, dont know how, sort of a mental thing. I read faces, can see right thru people also. Far too much empathy + compassion for people + animals. Have HOT hands, + warm others freezing hands easily.

RE: Poll: What's your blood type?

RE: Poll: What's your blood type?
Arcane Gale

O Negative. I have light blue/gray eyes. I had strawberry blonde hair as a child, now it's dark brown. I feel that living in the United States all my life has had an effect on my hair. The USA is at a lower relative latitude than Europe (my ancestry is German and Irish). This means there is more direct sunlight. Living in the southern part of the U.S. there is, even more, sun exposure. The darker hair is the body's protective response to the change in the amount of sunlight I receive versus what my ancestors received. My hair still retains a red hue all be it a much darker one now.

I shrug off colds and go many years without getting ill. I heal very fast and feel good most if not all the time.

RE: Poll: What's your blood type?

O neg

Brunette with some red, also carry the Red gene.
Have Crohn's Disease.
Three kidneys.
Had two appendix.
Have three niopples.
Skin problems.
Dislike of lights.

RE: Poll: What's your blood type?

This is my first time on here. I saw an episode of Aceint Aliens and they mentioned B- which is my blood type. I had 11 pregancys and was given a shot after everyone. I knew my blood type was a bit rare but didnt realize how very rare until reading some of the posts on here. I have always had 'dreams' of future events , so much so my nieces and nephews always say 'Aunties dreams are never wrong'. I have brown hair and brown eyes and medium skin tone. Unlike most of the posts on here I am very outgoing-EXCEPT when it comes to emotions I have an extremely hard time crying in front of anyone, so much so I have been called cold (little do they know when i am alone the flood gates open). I am extremely happy to have found this site as ive never really felt i fit in. Also I have no memories of my childhood (does anyone else experience this)?...Thank you all for being here and listening, Gayle

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