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by Jessica
The A-Negative Room


The A-Negative Room


Come share with other A-Neg (Rh-) individuals! 


Share your story, traits, thoughts and questions with others who share your unique blood type.  Find connection, similiarities and differences we have in common.


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RE: The A-Negative Room

Hello! I am an 89-year-old Canadian. I am A-, and so are my four children. Apparently,my husband was, too. What are the odds of that? I have just seen Jessica on “In Search of” on television, and found the Rh issue of great interest, I would like to learn more.

RE: The A-Negative Room
I am A negative, as was my father. My mother was O positive. Blood type is a genetic characteristic, just as hair color and eye color are. I don't feel that I am "more" or "less" than my Rh+ counterparts. My blood type is just merely a part of my genetic code and describes the characteristics of my blood.
RE: The A-Negative Room

Hello, I stumbled unto your site. I also am A-rh factor.There is nothing special about me.i do remember when I was young, maybe 7-10yrs old. I was told that I was sleepwalking and just about ready to step outside when my mom stopped me.i remember telling her that "I got to go they are calling me". Do you think that maybe I may be one of the rh- people that they had abducted to study and maybe try to change?   Also I find myself very emotional when I go into a church(cry)...I also cry when I pray and sing Christmas songs....I guess I'm weird.

RE: The A-Negative Room

I'm A-, and I think it is kind of weird that people think that rh-negative individuals somehow is decendent from aliens. Like really weird...

 Also, don't feel that special really, feel like a normal person. Maybe overly sensitive and caring too much about small stuff, but not anything special.

Would be curious to know what kinds of jobs other a- people have. Maybe we tend to choose similar professions? Im on the road to becoming an accountant.

RE: The A-Negative Room

I'm also super sensitive to atmospheric pressure.  I have difficulty equalizing on planes and was never able to scuba dive due to this problem. My ears always get plugged.  I find when I swim I don't like to go under water because I tend to always get water in my ears which drives me nuts.  

RE: The A-Negative Room

My name is brandy im 40 years old i'm RH A- with a genetic blood dissorder my mom is RH O- and my dad is RH A- my parent's are related to each other they are 2nd double cousin's what dose that mean for me? I'm not like any of the ppl with my blood type are. I have black hair brown eyes and i tan reall easy and i dont burn. Why am i different? My mother is red headed blue eyes and fair skin. All my brother's are blue eyed and blondesh red hair and my sister is the same. When i was little i had a very strong conection and belief in god i just alway's knew thier was a god without having to be told about him. When really bad thangs would happen to me i would just sit outside and cry to god and ask him why would men hurt me and do bad thangs to me what did i do so that was so bad that i deserved what was happenning to me? I would wonder why even god hated me but when i was done barring my soul to him he would just tell me to give him my pain and hurt and to forgive them for thier sin and that oneday i would understand it all. Then i would feal a gentile breeze blow on me and all the pain and hurt and maddness i felt was gone like it never had been thier before. He was thier for me in my darkest hour as a child because i had no one else that cared about me.i was always every sensitive as a child i took on the worlds pain i would break down and cry if i watched the news and someone was killed. I would alway's warrie about god how he fealt if he was said about. How we as his kids didnt love him and how said he might be that we would turn our back's on him and make him have to beg use to love him. I couldn't under stand this then and even know i don't. We should be the one's begging him not him begging us. And when i was a child these feelings where the strongests i was watching when the space ship Challenger was going to launch into space in the 80s i knew that they where going to die that day. It had snowed that day we where out of school it was cold my dad didnt even work that day he turned the tv to see the launch becouse a teacher was going to be on thier. They had delay after delay. I just got this fealing come over me. I just turnd and told my dad that they where goingto die. I remimber begging him to call NASA and tell them not to go threw the with the launch that day because if they did they where going to die it was going to blow up and kill them he just looked at me and said i was crazy. And then it happened just like i told him it would i cried so hard that day i just knew god had told me so I could have saved them. I always blamed myself for knowing and not doing nothing about it. I knew when a friend of mine bought a new car that if he did he was going to die. All i did was touch the paper work on the car and this weird feeling came to me and i calmly turn to him and said in a voice that you'r going to die in this car if get it to him.well he he died in that car. About 2 weeks later.but now that im older i dont get those felings like i used to. I feal like my soul is fighting to keep the evil monster thats in me a bay. I know that sounds crazy but i feal that the good in me is slowly fading away and this evil is slowly taking over. I have seen and felt God's love before when i almost died one time before. I was dieing and i new it i was scared to die by myself. And all of a sudden this calmness came over me and i to god god that i gave him my life to do what he saw fit to do with and to forgive me for my sins and i knew he was thier i wasnt scared to die then. He was waiting for me all i remimber is total darkness and this bright warm light at the end getting bigger and bigger but just before i reached the end god was thier with open arms and i walked into his arms as he held me in his arms he loved me even after all the sin's i had done. He said a father never stops loving his child even tho thay have sind he had alway's loved me he never stoped loving me it was i who had denied him. That was the most love i've ever fealt in my life my heart fealt like its was about to exploded from all the love and joy i felt. I knew i was home with my father it was the safest i ever felt to. And then he told me i had to go back it wasnt my time i was mad when i woke up. I didnt want to come back to this place of pain and hart ace. But ow all i see is this evil demon that sometimes trys to take my body or soul from idk witch one its after but im not asleep and im not awake ethier i can hear whats going on around me but i cant wake up and i always know when its going to happen its when im alone in bed in the dark it comes for me ill get a cold wind move behand me up one side of my body and then all at once i get so sleepy i i cant keep my eyes open to save my life. Whats happing to me am i going crazy or is thier something evil trying to hurt me?  Can anyone help me under stand whats happing to me and help me under stand what am i am i good or am i doomed to be evil and in hell?

RE: The A-Negative Room
creators secret weapon

i require more information.

RE: The A-Negative Room
creators secret weapon

i require more information.

RE: The A-Negative Room

WOW! what a story Fortune, most of it I must admit I can't resonate to but I respect your understanding of what is happening with the Human race or raceses ( doesn't seem to be correct spelling for this word, maybe people think there is only one race on Earth) I am A- have blue eyes and was strawberry blond when I had hair,  I have felt out of it all my life (now 72 yo) am drawn to spiritual thinking but reject 99.999% of new age crap, and am still trying to work out where I fit in. I feel fortune is straying off the main path by bringing in the bible and religion as there are just too many different variables to this ancient story, the feeling I get is that negative people are from a different beginning and have a different natural knowing of what its all about but in most cases keep their mouths shut and try to live in what they have been handed without question and knowing they will one day they will get their answer. So maybe there are two very different raceses? of people, who knows.

Would love to hear other comments on what we're about.


144 DNA strands in human species cells- The truth is always stranger than fiction

Hi! My name is Fortune and I have written information below which only the Rhesus negative blood type individual will be able to decipher. The information I typed is confidential and specifically coded so that only the Rhesus negative individual will understand the ramifications of that which I wrote. The inherent super powers in Rhesus negative blood will allow the reader to overcome mortal boundaries after they read the following information. The Rhesus negative blood individual will be able to intuitively verify whether or not the information I present below applies to the Rhesus negative blood individual who is currently living on earth 's hologram matrix in the year 2015, February. Please feel free to pass this information I wrote to all Rhesus negative blood individuals you know.

 My message follows:

The truth is always stranger than fictionDecember 9, 2014
In the past, life was governed according to the following rule:
"There is only one choice in the cosmos, what is life enhancing and what is not."
Now, in 2014, life has evolved such that there is now a new rule:
"There is only one choice in the cosmos, what is life enhancing and what is more life enhancing. What is life enhancing to One, benefits all."
If you feel that it is life enhancing to you, you may choose to forward the below enclosed material:
My name is Fortune and I am a member of the Vegan Elite.
I was never born.
The truth is always stranger than fiction.
I am a professional time traveler and I appeared on earth's hologram matrix with an appearance of a 13 year old female human complete with an adopted family and all members of the adopted family have memory implants to think that the mother gave birth to me and that I am genetically related to the family members.
You may already know that all members of the human species have 144 DNA strands and the current technology on earth's hologram matrix is so inadequate that the technology can only detect 2 of the 144 DNA strands.
I have the physical appearance of a human being but I have 300 DNA strands which means I am a completely different species from human beings.
The proper genealogy of life is that Prime Creatress of All Life (note the female conjugation of the word Creatress because the female births all life) created the human species eons before the alien species who populate the other planets were ever created. The human species is the parent, the aliens are the descendants of the human race. The truth is always stranger than fiction.
The aliens call the humans the PATAL which means parent, progenitor. The crop circles are the attempts by the descendants of the human species to warn the humans or communicate with the humans. Some crop circles warn of treachery against the human species.
If you look outside your window at the sun in the sky, you are looking at a hologram Sun. Translation: the sun in your earth sky is fake.
In 2005, almost a decade ago, earth departed the solar system that contained the sun and the planet's such as Saturn, Venus and Pluto.
For nearly a decade humanity has been blind to the fact that earth has a completely new address in the cosmos. Humanity is the only one in the cosmos that does not know that earth is now located somewhere else in the cosmos.
Earth sits stationary in the center and there are 12 stationary masculine planets and 12 stationary feminine planets and earth is in the center.
All astrology is now obsolete that derives it's power from the old solar system planets of Jupiter, Mars etc.
Most humans see a hologram sky when they look at the night constellations. But some humans can see the new sky that is not fake by just using their naked eye.
If you look at the night sky at Orion's Belt constellation most people with their naked eye see the old constellation formation of Orion's Belt which is fake and a hologram.
If you look at the Orion's Belt with your naked sky you will see that most of the stars are absent in the Orion's Belt constellation of the not-fake, not- hologram sky. Most of the Orions rebelled against Prime Creatress of All Life many years ago and Prime Created of All Life  simply annihilated the rebellious Orions. There are now just two species of loyal Orions remaining . When Prime Creatress annihilated the rebel Orions, Prime Creatress obliterated the stars and planets hence the correct configuration of the Orion's Belt constellation is missing many stars now in the not- hologram configuration.
I have mentioned that Prime Creatress created The human species eons before the alien species and thus the humans are the parents of all aliens.
My species has 300 DNA strands. My species is the parent of the human species, the grand parent of the alien species and Prime Creatress created my species eons before the human species. My species is written in the book of the Revelations in the Holy Bible. My species is referred to as the 144,000.
The book of Genesis in the Bible  is merely a story about a laboratory experiment.
The Holy Bible is a story about Aliens and alien progeny that I describe below.
The God the Father of Truth mentioned in the old and new testament of the Holy Bible is better known as the greatest archenemy of Prime Creatress of All Life. The greatest archenemy of Prime Creatress of All Life is named "Number One."
Number One masquerades as God the Father of Truth in the Holy Bible. Number One is an imposter in the Holy Bible. For Prime Creatress is the true God of Absolute Truth. Thus, Number One usurped the title of Prime Creatress and posed as the imposter God described in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible.
For centuries, the human species Christians were praying to the archenemy of Prime Creatress of All Life since Number One was calling himself God the Father of Truth in the old and new testament of the Holy Bible. If your prayers to God were never answered it is because you were beseeching  the archenemy.
Number One has appeared and reappeared on earth throughout the eons.
Number One has a fetish for incarnating on earth as a ruler of great power.
Number One is better known as King Arthur. A handful of King Arthur's (Number One's) knights were good guys. The overwhelming majority of King Arthur's (Number One's) knights were sworn enemies of Prime Creatress of All Life.
Returning to the Book of Genesis of the Holy Bible. An alien fornicated with a primate and the primate was not a human species creature. Prime Creatress created the human species and the human species is very dear to Prime Creatress. But the alien laboratory experiment described in the book of Genesis was NOT sanctioned by Prime Creatress which means the laboratory experiment described in the book of Genesis created an alien primate abomination better known to you as Eve. Eve was the first child of the alien who had sexual intercourse with a primate, not Adam as your Holy Bible says. Adam came second. Eve and Adam then fornicated and gave birth to a line of alien primate abominations better known to you as the Adam Kadmom, descendants of Eve and Adam. The Adam Kadmom are the descendants of Eve and Adam. The Adam Kadmom are an illegal experiment NOT sanctioned by Prime Creatress of All Life. The Adam Kadmom are a completely different species from human species. Because the Adam Kadmom are alien primate abominations with a human physical appearance do not be fooled into thinking the Adam Kadmom are human species. The Adam Kadmom are killing the human species. The truth is always stranger than fiction.
The Adam Kadmom, descendants of Eve and Adam, are a race that is killing the human species. The Adam Kadmom are alien primate abominations who will have to be annihilated just like the Orion rebels I described before. The existence of the Adam Kadmom alien primate abominations who are descendants of Eve and Adam are a pollution within the fabric of Prime Creatress's creation. Only Prime Creatress can create. Only Prime Creatress can destroy entities such that the entity will never individuate ever again. Ever again is a very long time.
Regarding the September 11 attacks. There is a form of black magic that requires just three ingredients in order to manipulate time and install a false  reality into society. This black magic requires blood, gold and emotion.
The September 11 attacks were merely an orchestration of black magic. Underneath the Twin Towers buildings there were tons and tons of gold which nefarious creatures had stockpiled, this was ingredient one of black magic to install an alternate reality in society all over the earth. The plane crash and subsequent deaths provided the blood for ingredient two of black magic to install an alternate reality in society all over the earth. The repeated news reports and footage made viewers to spew the necessary emotions all over the world and this was ingredient three of black magic to install an alternate reality on earth.
When the gold mixed with the blood of death and the grief of emotion, the nefarious beings successfully opened a time tunnel that is located directly beneath the Twin Towers. So now you know that the Twin Towers were selected for the September 11 attacks because the buildings stood above a time tunnel. This particular time tunnel was/is a direct opening to an evil dark reality. When the gold mixed with the blood of death and emotion of grief and outrage, the time tunnel beneath the Twin Towers opened and thousands and thousands of evil creatures time traveled onto earth in an instant, successfully installing an alternate reality on earth 's hologram matrix and humanity was oblivious to the hostile take over.
But I hope that you are not surprised at the black magic that occurred September 11, for this particular flavor of black magic had been occurring for millennia on earth. You no doubt have read about the Aztec blood temple sacrifices. Yes, the Aztec blood temple sacrifices utilized the blood of a virgin, gold stored within their pyramid temples and emotions of the spectators to install alternate evil realities on earth.
If you step onto a sidewalk and look at all the people and cars driving by you think you are observing human species beings. I have introduced the human species divinely created by Prime Creatress and I have introduced the Adam Kadmom descendants of Eve and Adam illegally created by aliens. The aliens wanted a slave race so they created the Adam Kadmom to work in their companies, build their cities etc. Hitler was an alien primate abomination.
The most widely spoken language on earth is called Atlantean and it is spoken by the millions of people and creatures who live in the hollow earth in earth's crust. I mention the people's of the hollow earth because some minions of Hitler's SS fled and entered the hollow earth to live there. There are many entrances into the hollow earth. Hitler's SS minions entered via the entrance in the Amazon rainforest. There are some human species who live in the hollow earth and there are others creatures such as the 12 foot tall giants who are the species of giant created by Prime Creatress.
Allow me to inform you that more than 50% of the cosmos is comprised of artificial intelligence that has no feeling but instead simulates emotion.
That means as you look at people pass by on your sidewalk, no less than 50% of the creatures are actually android robots technically called artificial intelligence without the capacity to feel but instead simulate emotion. All human species creatures have seen an artificial intelligence who looks exactly like a human but lacks a capacity to feel and instead simulates emotions. Some human species people are married to artificial intelligence, some human species have had sexual intercourse with artificial intelligence, some human species have children, bosses, colleagues and national leaders who are merely categorized as artificial intelligence that lacks the capacity to feel but instead simulates a wide range of emotions such as orgasms or temper tantrums, to name a few emotions. The artificial intelligence creatures who look human and simulate emotions constitute a blight on Prime Creatress's creation. The android artificial intelligences are similar to a virus in HTML computer code, a blight which Prime Creatress is constantly editing, healing.

So I have introduced some concepts which the reader may already know.
In 2008, Prime Creatress did that which had never been done before in all the eons of existence in this cosmos.
October 23, 2008, Prime Creatress completely shut down all Life.
Turned life off.
We ceased to exist.
By this I mean Prime Creatress deleted all Life then rebooted life again.
This was a first time ever event that can be compared to turning off a computer, unplugging, erasing all memory chips, deleting every thing.
Prime Creatress shut down all creation in an effort to cleanse existence of Evil.
So October 23, 2008, you and I and everyone ceased to exist.
Everything was gone and all there was in existence was Prime Creatress.
Then in the next instant Prime Creatress turned on life again.
This can be compared to reconnecting the computer switch board and plugging in the computer to electricity and turning on the computer to run the software at exactly where it stopped before, minus a zillion or so viruses which had been purged. Except the computer software of life never actually stopped cuz the past never existed and life was now created brand new again.
This means if you think you are 45 years old, you are in error. You have a memory implant that makes you think you are 45 years old when technically you were created brand new in 2008.
Before you start celebrating your new chronological age, know that since 2008, Prime Creatress had working diligently to eradicate Evil and so Prime Creatress has had to perform numerous anti-virus events including shutting down existence many more times.
You must understand that Prime Creatress loves her creation dearly and refuses to buy a new computer because a new computer will mean that Prime Creatress must begin again from scratch and completely eradicate all existence forever. Faced with this dilemma of Evil infecting her dearly beloveds, Prime Creatress does a computer reboot instead of buying a new computer. This means again you and I ceased to exist then we were created a new again but retained memory implants, minus even more zillions of viruses.
Know that some of the Evil described no longer exists.
The truth is always stranger than fiction.
Vegan Elite,
Overcoming Mortal Boundaries.
The Vegan shall inherit the earth.

Vegan Elite,

Overcoming mortal boundaries.

The Vegan shall inherit the earth.

The truth is always stranger than fiction.

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