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by Marla
Anyone out there have ITP along with rare blood?


I have O- blood and idiopathic thrombocytopenia. For some reason I don't have enough platelets...supposed to be over 150,000..I have 60,00 right now..have been lower and there are people out there with alot less than I.Blog 

RE: Anyone out there have ITP along with rare blood?

I had ITP at 21, I was in the hospital for a week. I have O- I was bleeding so badly that my entire body was covered in little pin pricks and bruses where the blood was laying under my skin. They brought in a blood doctor who could not figure out why I had the problem. I have never had it again.

RE: Anyone out there have ITP along with rare blood?

Link I do.. I have o negative and was diagnosed with ITP at 50 never had anything but a cold up until this wonderful ITP thing.. I have o Negative with an RH factor and now I have ITP which has consumed my life.. I look at my feet and hands constantly I am OVER this.. about to meet with my Dr. and tell him I'm done.. I will no longer have treatment and take my chances on living.. any ideas besides living on prednisone or not living at all?

RE: Anyone out there have ITP along with rare blood?

I am 65, B- blood, and ITP. The ITP I have known about since the 70's when they checked my bone marrow and said it was congenital. Never a problem until a recent car accident, when they thought my huge hematoma's might be resulting from the ITP effect.

RE: Anyone out there have ITP along with rare blood?

I'm A- and my daughter is also negative (not sure what type) She had ITP at 3 yrs old. It was horrific.

RE: Anyone out there have ITP along with rare blood?

When my son  (O-) was four years old, he had ITP. His father had positive blood and I have B-.  This is the first I have heard that  ITP is considered an ongoing condition; at the time, the medical doctors implied it to be an acute reaction which could be brought on by post flu or reaction to chemicals.  From the other postings here, it seems that once again, the medical profession does not really understand this. The adjacent neighbor had sprayed Roundup on his large section of land a week or two before, and the choppers were turning around over our property.  For years now, I have attributed his ITP to the aerial spraying of Roundup. When the first blood blister showed up on his lip, I thought he had pinched it in his carseat. When we arrived at our destination to visit family, he had blisters all over,  and the doctors said he either had leukemia or ITP.  I had to fly back home with him, and my youngest, fearful that a nosebleed would occur. We did end up in a middle of the night trip to the hospital, with a nosebleed which couldn't be stopped, and he was given a platelet transfusion. It was truly a close call. He was given steroids temporarily, and since then has never had a single problem with this. It is now thirty years later.

RE: Anyone out there have ITP along with rare blood?

I am type B-. Found out I had ITP when pregnant with my first child. My platelets range anywhere from 60000 to (on a good day) 100000.  Doctors said because my baby's fathers blood type was positive, it basically set off my ITP, when my body thought I had a virus, not a pregnancy>  The ITP for me causes fatigue at times (occasionally it can set me flat for a few days) and my capillaries sometimes burst under my skin. I have to make sure I get enough iron everyday, which helps the ITP, but I am also pescetarian. ****Been looking at a lot of RH Neg stuff lately, *SEARCHING*****.

RE: Anyone out there have ITP along with rare blood?

I did contact someone else I know whose daughter had ITP . She is not sure of her daughters blood type , but she is AB-  and knows her husband is RH-   so the daughter is likely RH-  Either A,B,or AB.  Fascinating! Also  interesting that since my sisters diagnosis I have encountered 3 others who had ITP. which if I remember correctly is one of those 1 in 500,000 type illnesses. But I have also noted most of my friends are also RH-.

RE: Anyone out there have ITP along with rare blood?

I am O- I do not have ITP but I understand it is very rare. My sister did and eventually had to have her spleen out as treatment . She got down to a platelet count of 8,000 and got her period and almost bled out.  They could barely get her platelet count up enough with the steroids  to do the surgery which i think she said they gave her prednisone  and dexamethasone and IV solumedrol. She also has Lupus symptoms and I believe all this was brought on by her cancer treatment . She had breast cancer about 5 years before this happened and was on long -term tamoxifen after that. She is now both a breast Ca and ITP survivor. But she is not RH- She is A+. but she must be +/- because I know our father is O- like me. My Mom also was A+ and died of breast cancer.

RE: Anyone out there have ITP along with rare blood?

I believe I may have it. My platelets especially the white are zero. I have to be exteremly careful as my body actually attacks itself and destroys healthy blood cells because they mistake them for a bad cell. I am constantly getting sick as a result. This blood stuff can be very serious.....

RE: Anyone out there have ITP along with rare blood?

Hello!  My son had ITP at 2 1/2.  He's O+.  Pretty sure anyway.  I had to have the RHOGam shot when I was pregnant with him and his dad is O+, I'm O-.  They put him on mega doses of prednisone and about a year later his platelets came back up to normal.  He's 25 and has never had a problem with it since about age 3 1/2.   His count got so low the doctors said they couldn't tell.  Anything under 6k way back then they couldn't tell.  They had him in a padded crib in a ped's ward.  Nice...trap an ADHD 2 year old in a padded crib  LOL   It was tough going but we made it through. I suspect you will too.  :)  Think positive!



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