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by ABNeg
Contraception for RH neg


Hello everyone, I have heard a lot of interessting things about the RH negs lately, among others that it is not possible for a 0- to get HIV and that 0- blood is used in most HIV medicines since it prevents AIDS. Amazing, ha? Also for others it is much harder to catch the virus since we lack Rhesus monkey proteins and the HIV virus was developed among monkeys first. Anyhow, this made me thinking whether it actually is same with other medicines. Maybe medicines are made for RH positive people and are not having the same effect on us. I have trouble with contraception pills and am very concerned. I just want to know if anyone heard of any alternatives, research and so on.. Thank you!

RE: Contraception for RH neg

I have always had problems with using birth control pills for contraception.  My body has always reacted to the pill.  I think that my doctor tried me on every pill that was available and every one caused me to have reverse periods......on for three weeks off for one.  It was horrible. I finally gave up on the birth control pill and after I had my two daughters had a tubaligation.  I'm not sure if Rh- has any baring on a tubaligation, but for me it caused adenomyosis, which is the same thing as indometriosis except it occures on the inside of the uterus rather than the outside.  Ultimately, I had to have a hysterectomy due to this.

My suggestion.......let your man handle the contraception AND a vasectomy.   The risks just aren't worth it.

RE: Contraception for RH neg

I have near the same story, same pill forever two threatened pregnancies and 1 loss. So sorry for your loss! I refuse to choose any long term birthcontrol option. I would not even use birth control except that everytime I get pregnant, the delivery is very risky! So I enjoy my two healthy children and look at the pill as the lesser risk for me.


I wish Rh-Negative Specialists existed!  We need some in the Medical Field.


Jessica ~ Founder

RE: Contraception for RH neg

I have been on the same combi pill for years since 14 to regulate then for contraception.. I have had 2 miscarriages and 2 normal births but both where threatened..

RE: Contraception for RH neg

I agree.  Being Rh- I am to afraid to try the implants and long term birth controls because I have trouble with taking the pill already.  I have also been looking for an Rh- birth control pill.  It seems alot of us have hormone issues, so complicating it with more hormones in bc pills can;t help.



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