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by Jessica
The B-Negative Room


The B-Negative Room


Come share with other B-Neg (Rh-) individuals! 


Share your story, traits, thoughts and questions with others who share your unique blood type.  Find connection, similiarities and differences we have in common.


Please introduce yourself by reply and join the conversation!

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RE: The B-Negative Room

 Hello all! This is very interesting! I have been trying to find blood similarities and connections. I am B- like my mum, not sure about my dad, and we are german/ danish origin, but I live in England since my 20ies and feel it to be my home more than the continent...though Ireland and Scotland pull me too. Definately the cooler places with lots of nature.

And like most, i am pretty content on my own and easily keep myself busy. Though I really quest for the sense of it all and at the moment believe that we need to repair the Earth and then leave it in peace. I am feeling for the original animal and plant species on earth and wonder very much about the gold theme.And yes, most people I talk to and get a bit more into this just don't have enough interest in following this mental exploration journey. My 2 younger girls are rhesus + but interestingly my oldest, my son, does not want his blood being tested and can not stand the thought of seeing blood...yet he is very much like me...i am sure he's got a negative there too. Oh, and we are quiet relaxed about life: I wouldn't say lazy, but most things/ ways of earning money, simply do not feel worth being carried out day in and day out.

RE: The B-Negative Room

I am B-, my mother is B- and my father A+. I am red haired and green eyed. I am just under 5í2 and am the shortest woman on both sides of my family. I have low blood pressure. I remember having deja vu alot as a child but not now as an adult. My ancestry is Irish and Scottish through my father and Italian through my mother. I donít know my IQ but I loved school and learning new things. I especially love literature, history, languages. I have a small group of close friends and have a hard time making new friends. I enjoy my alone time very much! I have mostly been healthy, I had 2 healthy pregnancies until the end when I developed Hellp Syndrome, was induced with one and had an emergency c-section with the other. Thankfully they were both fine as was I. They are both rh positive like their father. I also had my appendix out at age 31. I have had plantar fascitis so my feet give me some trouble.

I do feel of this world, but feel strongly connected to the past. When I visited Ireland and England I felt very much like I had been there before. I also love their climate as I enjoy temperate weather and cannot tolerate heat and humidity.

RE: The B-Negative Room

...sorry I pushed the wrong button below before I was addition to craving foods to heal, I'm also left handed, I rarely ever dream, when I do remember dreaming, the dreams always come true. The joke at my house is that I "sleep like I'm drugged." I'm double-jointed in nearly every joint. I am a fiend for meat! I simply cannot get enough old fashioned red meat! Especially around period time! Even as a very very VERY young child I wouldn't eat meat unless it was "red inside." My mother, obviously had huge problems with that and I didn't eat pork or poultry because she wouldn't serve it as rare as I wanted it. I'm extraordinarily touched with plants and making things grow. I love the cold. I knit and crochet bags and bags of beanies, gloves, mittens... like I'm planning a deep space flight, lol! Gods....! I could go on and on! Fitting in with others hasn't always been easy.

I always knew I was different, felt different. I never knew why. I definitely feel as though I (we B negs) belong somewhere else. And that we are the offspring of some-one/thing else.

RE: The B-Negative Room


Wow I'm overwhelmed with how many B negatives are here! I'm 50 years old, half German and half irish. Blood type B negative. My father was B negative. My mother O positive. I have never felt close to my mother and could find no common ground. But was very close to my dad. I've always had very strong psychic abilities, I feel other people's energy and its overwhelming sometimes not knowing for sure if I'm feeling my own feelings, or absorbing the feelings of everyone around me. I am especially in tune to animals and just know what they're trying to communicate. I have extra vertebrae in my lower back and extra hip bone, which caused huge issues delivering my one and only living child (who's in 20's now and blood A positive). I have webbed toes on both feet, freakishly good hearing, and my normal body temperature is always 95.7-96.4. I'm very blonde with silver at my temples, blue eyes and very light skin. I began menstruating at 10 years of age, and matured very young. I have HUGE lungs that extend almost to my hip bones and am much more comfortable physically when well above sea level. Medications do not work for me AT ALL. I had to undergo an open incision double hernia repair surgery without any pain meds or narcotics at all. Pain meds make me violently ill. People either love me or hate me. I'm shy with new people, and not outgoing generally. I hardly ever get sick and mosquitos and fleas don't bother me. I've always been able to go all day without eating, and don't seem to "need anything" to just thrive. On the farm we'd call me "an easy keeper", lol! I was born missing my left kidney. It simply "isn't present", and my uterus is only half the size it should be. I've had three miscarriages, one 30-week premature birth and we lost that baby at two years of age as a result of the issues from prematurity. My fifth pregnancy was extremely high risk due to history. But went "ok". I had to have rhogam shots throughout the last pregnancy. I tend to crave foods that heal me. When I'm cwheezy(asthma) I crave mustard

RE: The B-Negative Room

 I'm B- with low BP and an extra vertebrae.  Can someone verify for me if these are common characteristics for B-?  I'm also left-hand dominant with some ambidextrous stuff, like being able to write and paint with both hands, although when it comes to throwing a ball or other object, my right arm has far better aim.

I have green eyes, and when I was younger, it seemed that individual strands of my hair were brunette, auburn and blond mixed, with blond predominant.  It would bleach out easily in the sun.  Very fair skin that burns rather than tans, although I believe I get that from my mom.  Mom and Dad were both A+, however, I have one uncle on my mother's side who also has fair hair, green eyes and is left-handed (Don't know if he's positive or negative.)  My ancestry on the maternal side is predominantly English/Welsh.  Paternal is German/Dutch.

Of my two sons, the oldest takes after me physically, though he is O+ and does not have an extra vertebrae of which I am aware.  

Some of you also seem to have vivid dreams and premonitions!  I have in the past attributed that to my Welsh heritage, but maybe it is something more? The last premonition that affected me greatly was while my youngest was serving in Iraq a few years ago and got a third-degree burn on his hand... I don't know if counts as a premonition, but I 'knew' something had happened to him, and was a basket case until he called the next day to tell me 'Relax, it's just a small burn from where solder got on my thumb' (he was assisting his gunny with a weld job).

RE: The B-Negative Room


I am a 65-year old man with B- blood type.  My mother was B- and my father was O-. both deceased. My sister is O-. All of us have/had dark brown hair  My mother and I  possess(ed) fine stranded hair and were/are prone to benign hemangiomas, My thyroid levels are on the lower side,  I have a high tolerance for pain, no food allergies, rarely am sick and my eyesight is corrected to 20-15.

 My mother's only brother had  bright, fiery red hair. Their mother, my maternal grandmother, was adopted and no physical ancestry can be established prior as all records were destroyed.  My redheaded uncle joined Naval Intelligence and later was stationed at Nellis AFB (home of Hangar 51).  My maternal grandfather came from a part of Austria-Hungary that became part of Yugoslavia and is now part of Serbia'  His village was destroyed by the Nazi's and there "was no one left" according to the verbal account of his cousin.  My paternal grandfather disappeared mysteriously without a trace when my father was nine. Neither the Army nor the police were able to locate him and no body was ever found,  My paternal grandmother had a nervous breakdown with seven children and was institutionalized until her death.

Both my mother and I have exhibited reclusive tendencies and have high native intelligence.  I seem to be gifted with general knowledge and consistently scored in the 99th percentile.  On one particular test, it was scored at 99.9.

I only enjoy watching documentaries and unbiased news without the liberal spin or an occasional game of baseball or football.

I have donated many gallons of blood and platelets over the years

I recently joined my church choir and was deemed to be a tenor and seem to have perfect pitch when I have a reference note and now toy with the sounds of the organ when it plays.

I am more a recluse than a socializer and, like some have commented on this website, I find that most people do not seem to understand things at the level that I find interesting,

I have vivid, colorful dreams when I allow myself to sleep long enough, sometimes with unusual themes.,  For example, when I was eight  I dreamt that I was a white knight on a horse and could not fathom why the people were throwing so many stones at me that theyhad finally knocked me off my high horse, at which time, I had awoken when I found myself sitting on the floor, having fallen from the top of the bunk bed. It was many years later that it dawned on me that this is how the Palestinians react to Israeli police today and that is how they must have reacted to Crusaders.

I just registered for this site and hope that I can post it


RE: The B-Negative Room

Wow, I think I have found my home.
I am 60. I identify with everyone here. Low thyroid. Brest cancer gone 2 years now, blond, blue eyes, Scottish, Native American, English, French...  I am extremely sensitive, emphatic, and shy. I have had phychic experiences, mostly premenitions. Sorry a bad speller. I may have been abducted as a preteen, though I started my period at 9 years old. I hate most social gatherings. I would be interested in chatting with others with similar feelings. I would love to know more.

RE: The B-Negative Room

Hi all o/

I'm a female from Denmark, RH B negative, medium-blond, light-blue eyes, 5'6 tall.

It have been interesting for me to read this forum, with so many like-minded people around. Finding other people that don't feel they belong here on Earth.

I have felt this for so many years. Our reality seems weird to me, and I use a lot of my time to search for articles, interviews, documentaries about everything from life, origin, space, earth, quantum-physics etc.

Was interesting to read that RH negative people often have a higher IQ. I don't see myself as super intelligent, but I do also have an IQ above 130. I mostly feel I know so little and that I want a brain-upgrade.

I have never had any health-issues (apart from doing my pregnancy).
I swop between being a vegetarian to a bacon-eater! I call myself for being a closet-vegetarian.
I recently started a new study, within nature and environment. I'm very fascinated about how the nature works, photosynthesis, etc.

And yea, mostly I feel I don't belong here. I don't understand most people, and I surely don't understand our governments and systems. Every time I start (for me) an interesting topic, I often hear that people don't have interest or care for it. They don't wanna ask questions about our life.
Seems they are stuck in a box, that restart everyday with work, kids, dinner, news, sleep - no time to think.
Even at my study I don't feel I belong. I have a lot of questions and I like to dig into topics, but I'm often told "it's all just coincidence - don't give nature too much credit", or "this is the way we do it and have always done it".

I guess it's an important saying to say "start thinking - stop learning"!

RE: The B-Negative Room

Hi rh negative and lefthanded, mother to 2 sons that also are rh neg 0. The one son is lefthanded also. I was born and raised in Canada but live in Denmark now. I am healthy and very very seldom sick. I have low blod pressure. My profession is creative graphic artist and i teach art for children . I have always loved to Color and draw since I Can Remember . I am a vegan and i have great interest for organic lifestyle and substainable Projects.

RE: The B-Negative Room

Hello. I guess I would like to start by saying I don't feel like I In this reality. There is a spiritual war going on and I feel the water getting rougher. An undertow of negitivity felt thru out this "world". However there are several clues and hints left for you to decipher. In the end it is up to you to truely see in your heart, not the mind, but the heart, what is TRUE to you and what is a facade. In the end I believe that the only thing that is real is love. No other entity can create that feeling except our creator and the only conduit to him is thru Jesus. Call him what you will, but Christ is our savior. He is love.

That being said, I am B-neg and have hazel eyes with brown/rust hair. My background is Scottish/Welsh and am 6'8". My paternal ancestors were all above average ht. all high blood pressure, high I.Q. and substance abusers. but I willed myself to break the mold and go down the rabbit hole rather than being content to accept what is......a truth spelled by lies.

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