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by Mike
My wife is Rh- and is Pregnant


Should I be concerned? I know that I am O+ blood type.  Will this cause any issues?

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I am rhnegative ABnegative. And currently pregnant with twins
Vicki King

Hi im Vicki Lynn king and I was adopted I have ABnegative rhnegative blood and currently pregnant with twins please if any advice email@  Kingdrywall13@ my records are sealed.

RE: My wife is Rh- and is Pregnant
German Psychic

I am 0- and live in Germany.

I have wavy brown (not dark) hair (often only frizz instead of waves)- it was lighter as a girl. It had a gold tone. My hair is changing color in the llight to a lighter tone und is much lighter in the tips.
My eye color is brown for most of the people. But they are brown- green-gray. (Hazel). Depending on the light, in the light you see the different colours better. Often in the morning greener or when crying. And have a dark gray juvenile ring. They are brown in the middle, then gray-green.
I have low blood pressure. I am a psychic and astrologer, I speak English, French and more languages.
I do think O neg has often gray oder green eyes.
My clients are mostly also rh neg as I found out.
In Germany most of the people are blond, getting darker later and mosstly gray-blue eyes and 15% app. is rh neg. only, Very light and clear baby blue like the sky is rare here! It is more a dirty blue.
Polish have more often green eyes.
I have also Polish and French but also Prussian genes. My parents have green and dark graygreen eyes. My grandfather side of my father worked for the emperor and mixed with aristrocratics. I was told to be relative to Marlene Dietrich and Charlotte von Lengefeld. Little do I know. :-D
But for shure I never had advantages beeing different.
I agree with Charlotte Iserbyt, slave of work force training in Germany for children.
Our passports are "cartes of staff" if you translate it.
No freedom here and the rights are a joke, because you dont get them, the biggest duty is you have to pay the states TV and medical insurance is very very expensive for self-emloyed persons and not related to their income. Even if you do not earn money, you have to pay it every month, so its not a dream. Germany is rich, but people are poor. Especially the poor are getting poor and poorer the rich richer.
Tax is also very high and the Germans are already crowded in a very small country.
Germans do not get many children because of the circumstances are hostile. Because you must work, work, work, work, work and then you even do not have enough money, you work hard but can loose your job easily due to the unemployment rate. The social coldness is very dramatic. If you are in need you are bullied. You could get some social allocations but the authority uses it to oppress people. So you loose your right to decide and are forced to work for 1 Euro. And you are not allowed to travel. If you want to go on a 2 day trip you need to ask the city. No joke! They treat you then as your property in a concentration camp. They also try everything to get rid of you by perfidious obligations like.
Then Germany is the new "Boredell" of the world. Sex trafficking is allowed now and a big problem and prostitution everywhere which spoils men and the values. Isnt prostitiution respectless? So they steal girls in poorer countrys and force them to work in flat rate sex clubs in Germany. Does a man like this who have sex like this without respekting the womans sexuality has any normal feeling for a woman in bed? So where to find a husband if men are spoiled and only fuck boys?
Sorry for the long explanation of an O neg. thinker.
Follow me on google+ or if you like soon on youtube. There are some prophecies.

Crop Circle is alien warning about nanotechnology infestation

This crop circle nicknamed the jellyfish is an alien warning to humanity that the human food supply is contaminated with nanotechnology. See photograph below.

Vegan Elite,


The truth is always stranger than fiction.

Overcoming mortal boundaries.

The vegan shall inherit the earth.


photographs of nanotechnology

Rhesus negative celebrities

Title of this message:
Celebrities who are Rh negative.
My name is Fortune and I am bloodtype O Rhesus negative.
I am a member of the Vegan Elite.
Rhesus negative celebrities listed below  :
British Royalty:

Prince Charles 0 -Princess DianaPrince HarryPrince WilliamQueen Elizabeth II 0-Queen Mother
American Presidents:
Former President Eisenhower Type O-NegFormer President John F. Kennedy Type AB-NegFormer President Richard Nixon Type O-NegFormer President Ronald Wilson ReaganFormer President George W. Bush Sr. Type A-NegFormer President Bill Clinton AB-NegCurrent President Barack Hussein Obama AB Negative
Dan Aykroyd Type AB-NegCharlie ChaplinTom CruiseJohnny Depp B NegativeLeonardo Di Caprio B-Clint EastwoodMia Farrow B-Morgan FreemanJennifer GarnerAngelina JolieMarilyn Monroe was Type AB-NegFox Mulder ďX-filesĒ Type O-NegPaul Newman 0-NegJack Nicholson B-Brad Pitt
Marc BolanKurt CobainPhil CollinsJimi Hendrix 0-Mick Jagger AB-Janis JoplinLenny KravitzJohn Lennon 0-Paul McCartney B- (Identify questioned)Freddie Mercury R.I.P. (Farrokh Bulsara)Jim MorrisonElvis Aaron Presley 0 negativeGavin RossdaleRingo Starr A negativePeter Steele (Band ďType 0 NegativeĒ) 0-Sting (Gordon Summer) 0-
Cleopatra SelenePharaoh Ramses II Type B-Neg (He also was HLA-B27 positive, according to his mummy. They did all kinds of DNA testing on him to confirm)
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes)Robert A. HeinleinZacharia Sitchin Type NegBrad Steiger O-NegErik Von Daniken Type O-NegTennessee WilliamsRobert Anton Wilson Type Neg
Sir Isaac Newton
Statesmen (International):
Nelson Mandela
Senator John McCain O-Neg
Shroud Of Turin was AB-NegDr. Martin Luther KingMalcolm X (Malcolm Little)
O.J. Simpson is Type A-NegTiger Woods
High profile murder victims:
Ron Goldman Type O-NegLaci Peterson Type O-Neg
The Infamous:
Al Capone
Vlad, the Impaler (Dracula)

Charles Manson
Other people in the public eye:
Heather Mills
______I, Fortune, comment:
History describes an obsession over bloodlines, in myths and in societiessuch as apartheid South Africa , slavery in many countries such as Asianworkforce during west expansion in USA, American Indians sequestered inapartheid apartheid-like tribal lands, and Hitler's regime. What was really going onwhen people segregated and why the emphasis on marrying the correctbloodline? What is this "blue blood" obsession?
Below is an introductory  explanation of the significance of "bloodlines"which I typed and then provided science evidence. _______
Quote from another website
Traits of a "Rhesus negative " bloodline person :
A feeling of not belongingTruth seekersSense of a "Mission" in lifeEmpathy & Compassion for MankindAn extra rib or vertebra.Higher than average IQESP AbilityLove of Space & ScienceMore sensitive vision & other senses.Increased of psychic/intuitive abilitiesCannot be clonedLower body temperatureHigher blood pressure (some say lower)Predominantly blue, green, or Hazel eyesRed or reddish tint to hair colorIncreased sensitivity to heat & sunlightUnexplained ScarsPiercing EyesTend to be HealersEmpathetic IllnessesAbility to disrupt electrical devices (I can do this to computers- Fortune)Prone to Alien AbductionsExperience unexplained phenomenon Physic Dreams and/or Ability
end quote_______
My comments:
The truth is always stranger than fiction.
Below is a quote listing the different species masquerading as human species but they are not Human species.
The human species has 144 DNA strands.
Bloodtype O Rhesus negative is the only legitimate human species living on earth.
Bloodtype O Rhesus negative can not be cloned.
The Red Cross blood bank website statistics below indicate that when bloodhas Rhesus (Rhesus is a monkey species) Rh positive:
From the Red Cross  blood donor website which I  pasted the chart below:
 7% of blacks in America lack the Rh monkey gene in their blood So they areRh negative. That means 7% of blacks in the USA are not alien primatehybrid . That means 93% of blacks are alien primate hybrid .
The chart lists ethnic groups in USA.
Interestingly, a meager 2% of Asians in the USA lack the monkey gene Rh inthe blood meaning 98% of Asians in the USA are alien primate hybrid . Thatmeans there are more alien primate monkey Asians 98% than alien primatemonkey blacks 93% in the USA.
18% of whites lack the alien primate monkey gene Rh negative  so 18% whitesare not alien primate hybrid . This "whites" statistic is important because melanin is an imposter molecule in the human species body.
The presence of melanin in the body is a symptom of the presence of parasites/fungi infection in that location of the body. Parasites are vampires.
Since there are more melanin devoid "white people" for Rhesus Negative 18% (vs 7% blacks Rhesus negative and 2% Asian Rhesus negative in the USA) this USA melanin amount statistic signals that Rhesus negative people are supposed to be melanin devoid and a "tan" is a symptom of parasitic hijacking of the body organ in which the melanin appears.
I recommend the reader google search scientific articles using search words such as "melanin fungi". For example, the Chaga mushroom grows black eumelanin to make The mushroom a pitch black color.
Translation: melanin is worn by an imposter that has hijacked the human species body in order to evade the host immune cell defense attempts to eradicate the impkster and fungi wears melanin to be a parasite in the human species body .
Translation again: melanin assists imposters to live in the host and evade host immune system defenses to oust and annihilate the imposter from the body.
People intuitively know melanin signifies virulence hence the skin whitening makeup industry. Hence acts of racism all over the world since time immemorial .
Examine the Indian caste system. In India the lowest caste is named "the untouchables." The untouchables caste members have the highest melanin content in the body organs and the upper class elite have the least melanin content in the body.
Vitiligo is a depigmentation disease that is actually good and signifies a cure in the body and defeat of imposter invasion.
When there is vitiligo the body has triumphed to oust the melanin wearing parasites/fungi/vampires. Vitiligo is a sign that the organ is getting cured. Note how Michael Jackson morphed from a "black person " into a "White person " when Michael Jackson's skin depigimented, eradicating the scourge called melanin.

In Japan today, you have to state your bloodtype in job applications andchildren attend school classes according to bloodtype. 99% of the Japanesepopulation is positive for Rh monkey gene meaning 99% of the Japanese arealien primate .
99% of all Native Americans are Rh positive which explain Indian folk lores/mythsmyths that the American  Indians are descendants of aliens from the sky cuz 99% ofNative Americans are alien primate hybrid .
To prove that normal unvaccinated "Rhesus negative " people are allergic toalien primate monkey people who are "Rhesus positive " I give the exampleof the non monkey mom Rh negative aborting the monkey Rh positive fetus.The Rhesus  pregnancy vaccine is treacherous and poisonous. Rhesus positive is a completely different species from Rhesus negative hence the treachery of the Rhesus pregnancy vaccine.
Statistics from Red Cross follow:

O positive is The most common blood type. Not all ethnic groups have thesame mix of these blood types. Hispanic people, for example, have arelatively high number of Oís, while Asian people have a relatively highnumber of Bís. The mix of the different blood types in the U.S. populationis:
Chart of statistics here: someone else writes an explanation of All the creatures who are masquerading as the human species on earth's hologram matrix:
Temple of Theola - Tau Tia L DouglassOriginal Hair, Eyes and Skin Colour By Blood Group.Blood dropTo help explain why we look the way we do. Please remember that because ofhow mixed most people have now become, not everyone is going to fitperfectly into these. The only group who are consistent in looks would bethose families who have been consistent in only breeding within their ownpure group of O negatives only, as these are the only blood group thatisn't mixed with others through genetic engineering.

O Rh D Negative - The Most Ancient Blood Group.
Light Strawberry Blonde - Dark Auburn hair colour, with all the shadesin-between.
Babies can be born with white hair which turns more of a copper auburnshade as they get older.
Babies can also be born with pale copper, turning more into a medium auburnas they get older.
Hair can be wavy or very curly, but rarely completely straight.
Skin colour is always white, from a very pale snow white through to a palepink or peach.
Eyes are blue, grey or rarely violet. Because O negs normally have moodeyes they can change to any colour, but these are the normal colours.
O Rh D Positive - The Second Most Ancient Blood Group.
The first genetic experiment of the O negs mixing their genes with those ofancient simians created these people.
Hair colour can vary greatly and can be more or less any colour, fromblonde straight through to black woolly hair.
Skin colour is also the most diverse in this group, from pale white throughto black.
Eyes can be any colour at all.
The biggest effect on the looks of these people is dependent upon wherethey live in the world. The ones who were placed in hot countries evolvedto have black skin and wooly hair, the ones in cold climate will haveremained pale skinned. The black skin was needed for these people becausewithout the protection of the hair that simians have all over their bodies,they would easily burn in the Sun, so black skin, despite what we are told,is part of evolution for those living in climates that required it, and NOTthe other way round.
A Rh Positives Blood Group.
These were a later experiment of the Neanderthals, taking some of their owngenes and mixing it with chimpanzee genetics.
They became the Homo Heidelbergensis, then with more experiments andevolution they became the Cro-Magnons.
Straight light blonde through to dark brown hair is dominant in thisspecies.
Skin can be very pale to light olive.
Eyes are predominately green/hazel.
Because these were placed mainly in Europe they retained pale hair and skin.
A Rh D Negative Blood Group.
These are generally the same as A Rh positive in looks, but can also havesome of the O neg looks as they are carriers of the O neg genetics.
B Rh D Positive Blood Group.
These were a results of experiments taking Neanderthal genes and mixingthem with those of gorillas.
They became Homo Erectus, and still in some remote parts of Africa fullblooded Homo Erectus can still be found.
They have black hair and black skin, and paler brown skin in some areas,and in other areas they became oriental looking. The genetic differenceshappened over long periods of time, creating the different looks, however a'Native' American Indians today, still very much look like an orientalAsians.
Because gorilla skin is very black, most of this line are very black,however with experimentation and genetic engineering some became palerskinned. Some Neanderthals also chose to breed with these creating palerskinned ones through the generations.
They have brown eyes only.
B Rh D Negative Blood Group.
These are generally the same as B Rh positive in looks, but can also havesome of the O neg looks as they are carriers of the O neg genetics.
AB Positive and Negative Blood Groups.
These are the most mixed of all and can acquire looks from any of the abovegroups.
Website Below is a statistical chart listing all the countries on earth's hologram matrix by bloodtype and Rhesus status:
The universal red cell donor has Type O negative blood type.

*Chart below lists blood types. Notice that monkey gene Rhesus positive is the majority inAfrican and Asian countries. *
_______Quote written by someone else:

Often times in the past I spoke to you about who and where you descended from, the original Supreme Beings, who bore woolly-hair nine ether, or 9 to the ninth power of 9 and had an olive green skin tone. These original deities possessed chlorophyll as the noticeable chemical. Many religions describe their gods as being green, like Krishna of the Hindus, he is depicted as being aqua marine. The Native Americans us the color topaz. The ancient Tamarean (Egyptian) deities Osiris and Isis are constantly drawn green. They say Isis is the bestower of life. Giver of her goods to the gods and giver of offerings to the spirits. She is a green goddess whose green color is liken unto the greeness of the Earth, the green vail between diety and man. The Esther of your bible, had a skin color that was green, greenish like the green of the myrtle. The real color of your skin is green not brown. Though you may say this sounds, crazy, you are brown because you have rusted.
Let me explain. You have taken in so many ions, and oxygen, which are poisoning your systems. This olive green skin tone you are lacking is because the melanin in your body is deficient of a vital molecule called magnesium. Many people think that melanin is suppose to make your skin color brown, however, it doesnít. Magnesium was lost from the melanin and that was when iron took its place. When you mix iron with water and oxygen, it rusts. This rusting color is you brown skin tone. Now it is no longer magnesium that is dominant, but the iron when mixed with water

and oxygen; both elements are essential to your life, and is what turns your skin color brown instead of green. Oxygen has now become toxic to your bodies. Believe it or not, the constant inhaling of oxygen to the system is poisonous. It has certain radioactive isotopes in it 14-0, 15-0, 19-0. You may not believe this, yet, if you do a little research you will find that it clears up many oddities about our present biochemistry. The NETERU, which is the Egyptian name for the ANUNNAQI, had an excellent balance of zinc, copper, magnesium, and iron in their blood streams to have green skin, copper would have to have been abundant in the blood. In other words their blood would had to have been more like chlorophyll, or even a gold color. The constant inhaling and processing of toxic oxygen and especially the content of CO2 in the air as it is, you are killing yourselves. You are speeding your life force, and you are bright and healthy looking, but you are aging more quicker than usual. We donít have enough zinc in our systems and this is why our sisters labor so much in childbirth; because of the lack of zinc. Iím not saying the color brown isnít a beautiful color, it is, but it still lacks something, and that lack is the color green, that chromatophore, that green, that magnesium, that gives you the chlorophyll base.
I, Fortune, already wrote that melanin is a symptom of parasites/fungus. Historical people with green skin were/still are treacherous imposters.
The remainder of the message I, Fortune, wrote.
Typed by Fortune:

The Dragon species actually exists.

Translation: dragons are real not myth.

Last time I, Fortune, researched there were 8 Dragon tribes/clans/types. Many of the Dragon tribes are/were obsolete because of past treachery the traitorous Dragon tribes committed. Prime Creatress of All Life annihilates treacherous traitorous  creatures all the time so I am not certain of the current numbers of obsolete traitorous Dragon tribes.  The remainder of the Dragon tribes are still loyal to Prime Creatress of All Life.

The reason I mention the dragons is because there is one Dragon tribe that has performed a very important function for the human species. For eons, a Dragon tribe has safe guarded the ability for the human species to fly.

 Translation: the human species has the innate ability to fly encoded in human species 144 DNA strands. When the human species is ready and The human species individual detoxifies the physical body, the Dragon species will return the innate human species capability to fly.

Nefarious beings are tampering with the human species. The human species has been polluted by the food they eat. The food the human species eats is mostly alien in origin and thus mortally poisonous. Beef (cow), lamb (sheep) and pork (pig) are alien flesh and alien breast fluid that contaminates the human food supply.

Translation: the cow, the pig, and the sheep are alien creatures originating from planet Nebiru. When the human species eats alien substances the human DNA mutates and necrosis occurs in the body manifesting symptoms of allergies, cancer, aging and a trip to the morgue and burial in a coffin/urn also known as physical death.

Translation: a human species individual will never reassume the capacity to fly while consuming alien flesh and alien breast fluid, this includes prescription medication ingredients.

Anything containing caffeine is alien.

Yes, coffee and the tea plant are alien from planet Nebiru and for that reason caffeinated products abound in order to mortally pollute the human species. (Coca Cola and caffeinated sodas kill because of caffeine).

You May choose to research the earth cultures that have prohibitions on diet such as kosher and the Indian dietary rule not to eat cow flesh even though their curry has cow breast fluid sometimes as an ingredient. Research the Indian caste system and you will find there was a vegan upper class that used to exist.  

The ability to fly will remain in human culture as mere myths such as Clark Kent the newspaper reporter who is Superman, as long as the human species eats alien flesh, drinks alien breast fluid and eats alien plants that do not originate from planet earth. The human species DNA will remain inactive due to alien poisonous food contamination. The human species body must become alkaline again. Research baking soda's capacity to make the human body alkaline.

Incidentally, the good guy aliens have warned that the human species food supply on earth is contaminated.
 The crop circles that appear on earth contain messages from aliens. "Duh!" The reader may say
But there is more.
 I have attached the jelly fish crop circle to this message . The translation of the jelly fish crop circles is a warning from aliens that earth is infested with a form of mortally poisonous  contamination called "nanotechnology" and another form of mortally poisonous contamination called "nano organisms."
I attached an scientific article that describes how nanotechnology was first discovered using science technology in the Narada River of the Ural Mountains in Russia. (oops the submission form doesn't allow attachments. Hmmmm... Too bad, the science article has color ph of photographs nanotechnology taken in a electron microscope and the website is shut down so I can't paste the weblink).
The nanotechnology and nano organism are everywhere.
Nanotechnology and nano organisms are located in the drinking water supply, in food supply, in the soil, in television programming, in pornography programs/videos, etc. Yes, watching a tv program such as pornography does just that, the tv program programs you with nanotechnology by injecting your physical body with nanotechnology.  "Impossible!" you say? The truth is always stranger than fiction.
 Everywhere Nanotechnology abounds.
The highest levels of nanotechnology are found in alien origin foods such as the cow, sheep, the pig and caffeine plants like coffee and the tea plant. Sip on a double espresso latte and you are swallowing squillions of nanotechnology particles.
The nanotechnology are micro factories and micro computers that  contaminate and hijack body cells.
 Nanotechnology is also concentrated at popular tourist sites such as the pyramids at Giza, Ireland and in South Africa.
Research old photographs of Johannesburg South Africa  and you will see images of yellow dust mountains rising in the city scape. The yellow dust mountains are supposedly residues from gold digging but are actually mountains of nanotechnology, if someone were to study the soil.
The Japanese have published reports about "Yellow Dust." The Yellow Dust studied by the Japanese is nanotechnology in the purest form.
Old city scape pictures of Johannesburg show mountains of yellow dust. Study the Johannesburg yellow dust mountains masquerading as gold dust remnants  with an election microscope and you will see nanotechnology.
Nefarious beings invented nanotechnology thousands of years ago with the intended function of harvesting human species life force and mind controlling the human species.
Translation: nanotechnology is just one of many life force extraction programs that transport human species life force to alien planets.
The aliens contructed the jellyfish crop circle  I attached as an image to warn humanity that earth's food supply is killing the human species. (since I cannot attach messages, to view image google "jellyfish crop circle" and you will see the jellyfish crop circle which is an alien warning to the human species that earth and earthlings are drowning in nanotechnology ).
I recommend you listen to this audio now before continuing: Oliver Shanti Friends Sacral Nirvana + wheat circles
Ok now I recommend you continue reading.
But that is not all.
The ENTIRE cosmos is infested with nanotechnology.
Translation: even aliens living on alien planets are dying from the nanotechnology created by nefarious beings and strewn all over the entire cosmos.
Why do the aliens warn humanity of the nanotechnology infiltration?
 The answer is: if the Human species dies, ALL aliens automatically die.
I mentioned in part one of my message that the human species is the parent of ALL aliens. Kill the parent and the child automatically dies.
Ask an alien creature and the alien creature will describe how their species population is near extinction on their home planets because their population dwindled. For the longest time, the aliens could not understand why they were dying in their planets. Entire species obliterated to nothing. Then the aliens realized that as the human species living on that far away planet called earth gets more and more poisoned/DNA mutates more and more, the aliens are the first to perish on their home alien planet.
Translation as the human species gets sicker, the aliens become extinct on their home planets.
 Nefarious beings know that the laws of voodoo stipulate the following: harm the parent and the child is first to suffer and die. Extinction is forever.

P.S.S. as you read the document titled "The Illuminati and the Trojan Horse" ask yourself the following question: Why do nefarious beings target earth and tamper with earth?

The answer is very simple:

 Prime Creatress of All Life has lived on planet earth since the beginning of existence.

Translation: The Creatress of All existence has a physical body AND Prime Creatress of All Existence's physical body lives on earth. The Creatress of All Existence is not amorphous, Prime Creatress of All Existence is physical just like the reader of this message.
Prime Creatress of All Existence created Earth first.
Translation: earth is the oldest planet in existence.

Earth is, and always has been, the home of the physical embodiment of the Creatress of All Existence.

The nefarious beings are aware of the following: Pollute earth, kill earthlings and the rules of voodoo stipulate that you injure Prime Creatress of All Life.

The Himalayan Mountains rose in one day.

Your earth science is incorrect regarding age of the Himalayas.

Nefarious beings created a calamity whose repercussions were instantaneous: earth shuddered in pain, the Himalayas erupted skyward and by the end of the day millions of human species individuals had perished who had lived in the location of the Himalayas.

Atlantis was built in one day.

You guessed correctly: a nefarious being illegally built Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean in a single day. The landmass of Atlantis rose in one day and by the end of the day,  the city buildings of Atlantis were fully constructed and operational.

Prime Creatress of All Life created the human species in what is now called South Africa. Today, the township of Soweto in South Africa has an invisible city located directly above Soweto and that invisible city is one of dozens of such invisible cities created by Prime Creatress of All Life located all over earth's hologram matrix.

If you cannot see the new constellation in the sky mentioned in part one of my message, then you may not be able to see the invisible cities located all over earth.

The truth is always stranger than fiction.
Since I cannot attach you can read the partial message of Illuminati and the Trojan Horse here. The message is 100 Word software document typed pages long and this is an excerpt:

No response necessary to this message. This is for your edification.________
I have presented some scientific evidence about Rhesus negative bloodtype O being the only legitimate bloodtype on earth's hologram matrix.
Feel free to share any of the above message with other Rhesus Negative people, especially Feel free to share with other Rhesus Negative bloodtype O people. There is only one choice in the cosmos, what is life enhancing and what is more life enhancing. What is life enhancing to One, benefits All.
This message is 2 of 2 total messages I submitted to this Rhnegativeregistry forum website as of today, March 15, 2015.

Vegan Elite, Fortune
Overcoming mortal boundaries.
The Vegan shall inherit the earth.
The truth is always stranger than fiction.

RE: My wife is Rh- and is Pregnant

Oh I should mention I received RHoGam with my first child and it failed he was born with rh disease received light therapy. My second was also born with rh disease had light therapy and blood transfusion at 2 days old. Both are B+ they are healthy now.

RE: My wife is Rh- and is Pregnant

If they find antibodies you are sensitized and RHoGam won't work

RE: My wife is Rh- and is Pregnant

Yes but not typically for first child. She will be told to get RHoGam is made from human blood and contains murcry. The doctor's don't offer this info. She will have a high chance of becoming sensitized if she does not receive the shot. If so her future babies can get rh disease of the newborn. It can cause cerebral palsy. They may get light therapy and or blood transfusion. To prevent brain damage.

RE: My wife is Rh- and is Pregnant

RohGam at 28 weeks? In my country they dont do this. Yhey are taking the first antibody test of me now at 28weeks. I guess If they find antibodies I must have a shot.. If not they wait a few weeks before they test for antibodies again.

RE: My wife is Rh- and is Pregnant

The RhoGAM shot is a lot safer now that they stopped using mercury.


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