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The Problem with Rh Negative Blood

We know the Rh Negative Factor is a rare blood type and can affect pregnancy, but it has other differentiating attributes as well.  Rh- Blood is a recessive trait and comes out in people less often, therefore its production in nature is limited. Furthermore, Rh Negative Blood cannot be mutated or cloned, which also limits the possibility of creating Artificial Rh Negative Plasma in the Scientific Realm. 


Simply Put ~ Our US supply is very limited to the 15% of
earthly bodies that carry it within them!


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This is a Human Health Condition ~ not an issue of any one country, race, color, creed, religion or any other discriminatory factor.  We have new members joining everyday from all over the world, building a large network of Rh-Negative individuals that are happy to know that you are there; and are ready to help if they can.  We will do our best to reach out to the network member in your area, wherever in the world that may be!