An Atlantean Connection?

Plato's Island of Atlantis, Edgar Casey & Haplogroup X

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Is it possible that Rh-Negative people are descendants of those who scattered for safety when Atlantis disappeared from the map? There are some people who believe there is a External link opens in new tab or windowconnection between the "lost civilization" of Atlantis to Haplogroup X and the Berber and Basque civilizations; who happen to have the highest concentration of Rh-Negative blood in there modern population on the planet. There is evidence that some very interesting things happen on our planet about 10,000 years ago. They are acknowledged but not always explained well and the connections might tell us more about the origin of the Rh-Negative blood type. For instance, Rh-Negative people are known to have higher concentrations in people with blue and green eyes. Green eyes only exist because of the mixing of brown eyes and blue eyes. "According to a team of researchers from the External link opens in new tab or windowCopenhagen University, a single mutation which arose as recently as 6-10,000 years ago was responsible for all the blue-eyed people alive on Earth today. The team, whose research is published in the journal of human Genetics, identified a single mutation in a gene called the OCA2, which arose by chance somewhere around the northwest coasts of the Black Sea in one single individual, about 8,000 years ago."  Could this be related to the migration of the Atlantean people after the destruction of Atlantis? Could we be the descendants of this lost civilization of people who are believed to be connected to almost all other origin stories told about us?

Plato told stories in 429-327 BCE of a legendary island, which he actually describes as a large Continent near the Strait of Gibralter, called Atlantis. He described a grand and advanced civilization, technologically advanced and bountful, which was ultimately sunk beneath the ocean by the Gods. An earlier passage in history about Atlantis is spoken in a dialogue by Critias, who was a Sophist like Plato, who lived between 460 and 403 BCE. The timeline of the tale elongates, as he says the story is true and was vouched for by Solon, a Greek statesman and poet who lived between 640 and 560 BCE. Solon is said to have heard the tales of Atlantis during his travel in Egypt from a priestly scholar. The Egyptian priest supposedly told him that the story spanned 9,000 years before Plato wrote his tale of Atlantis. That would make the timeline of Atlantis falling as a Civilization about 10,000 years ago. So what happened on Planet Earth 10,000 years ago and did it cause the Atlantean people to flee a sinking home...and could those people be our Ancestors?
Enter the Modern World! Science, research, psychic readings and a magnificent tale that still captures the attention of it audience. The most documented Psychic of the 20th Century and Medical Clairvoyant, Mr. Edgar Cayce, who live during 1877 and 1945 gave hundreds of "Psychic Readings" that mention in great detail, the "Lost Continent of Atlantis" and it's people. His readings revealed specifics about Atlantis including it's size, location, geographical description, superior technology and even when and where we would find proof of it's existence in the future! According to Cayce, Atlantis was destroyed by volcanic and earthquake-like explosions suffered over three occasions occurring in 50,700 BC, 28,000 BC and lastly at 10,000 BC.
According to Author John Fuhler in "American Indians and the Edgar Cayce Readings"; Eleven thousand years ago, an even that would forever change the face of North America occurred: A mother with an exceptionally rare genetic marker bore a daughter, who passed along the same genetic marker to her daughter's. This particular genetic marker (Haplogroup X2) directly links the peoples of Northeastern North America to the peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa. Currently the actual migration route by which this was achieved is unknown inasmuch as contemporary archaeology is concerned. What can be demonstrated by geneticists is the populations with this specific genetic marker migrated out of Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean into Eurasia and North America around or after the last Glacial Maximum. Cased on the nature of the mutations distinguished the American from the Middle Eastern form of this genetic marker, these populations arrived in North American no later than 11,000 years ago.
Why is mitochondrial DNA important and what does it tell us? Mitochondrial DNA is often referred to as MtDNA, it can tell us about our distant relatives and migration patterns because of the unique paths of inheritance. Different than Autosomal DNA, MtDNA and Y DNA do not mix with the other parents DNA and there for show direct migration patterns. For a long time there were four major Native American haplogroups referred to as A, B, C and D. With advances in research and the help of the Native American people, a 5th haplogroup was found, called X. It has challenged the accepted historical migration pattern of people into the America's. A small percentage of Native American Tribes fit into this new halpogroup including the Yakima and Sioux in the Northwest and the Navajo in the Southwest, and it was only about 5% of their people. Larger concentrations of up to 25% were found in the Ojibway, Oneota and Nuu-Chah-Nulth tribes. The vast majority of Native American tribes had no X members? In Central and South American it was absent. What does this mean? We are learning that we may not know the truth about how we populated North America and where we came from before we got here.
Researchers associated with Edgar Cayce Association (A.R.E) shared that some of this new DNA evidence supported information found in the "Atlantis Readings" that Mr. Cayce gave during the 1930's. According to his readings, some of the refugees of Atlantis immigrated to the northeastern parts of the US to form the Iroquis Nation. It was in those tribes that the highest concentration of haplogroup X was found. The haplogroup X is also found in approximately 7% of native Europeans and about 3% of Native Americans in North America. It is found in about 2% of population in Europe, the near East and North Africa, particularly among the Eqyptians.

More research is needed but there seems to be an abundance of evidence that we could be descendants of this lost civilization. The Basques are an ethnic group who live in the areas bordering the Bay of Biscay, extending into the western edge of the Pyrenees Mountains that straddle parts of north-central Spain and south-western France. It would have been a god place to seek refuge from a sinking Atlantis. There is a well shared  Basque legend, called the Aintzine-koak. It tells about the seafaring forefathers of the ancient Basque people arriving in the Bay of Biscay after the “Green Isle,” Atlanitika sank under the waves.  Atlantida is a national Basque poem describing their ancient greatness in Atlaintika, its fiery collapse into the sea with most of its inhabitants, and the voyage of survivors to southwestern Europe. (External link opens in new tab or windowSource) 

Keep reading and searching for answers! There is so much more to this story and we still don't know why we are different or where we come from...

Haplogroup X2a

Plato's Island of Altantis  Plato, Timaeus 24e - 25d (trans. Bury) (C4th B.C.) 

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Edgar Cayce  Psychic Reading Aprl 28th, 1932 regarding Atlantis. 
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DNA Evidence for Atlantis? Beyond the Bering Strait
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Native American Haplogroup X2a Solutrean, Herbrew or Beringian?
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Blood of the Gods

Interesting article by the late Mabel Royce, Copyright 1976

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Are you an Rh Negative blood type? If so you could be a descendant of the ancient astronauts themselves!

About a year and a half ago my sister Bonnie and I were discussing some of the unusual characteristics of our family. Bonnie had a problem with infants haemolytic disease. She has 0 negative blood. She has written a book including this problem called "The Deux" by Venus Thaddeus. One of the questions we asked was why does this haemolytic disease occur? Why, along with the Rh negative blood does our family have such a high IQ (135-140 average). Why so many psychic experiences? Why this urge to ask "why?" Why the early maturity or the large head and eyes? Why have, we always felt we were "different" from other people. And so many other things to set us apart.

We were raised in the church, but we never received answers to the questions we asked. Why doesn't anyone else ask these same questions? We are not satisfied with the answer "just because". Are there others out there who ask the same questions? Then we heard about the possibility of the ancient astronauts and the pieces started to fall into place. 

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The Annunaki: Enki & Enlil

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This is an excerpt from the book 'Keeper of the Celtic Secrets:'


Finally, [from "Keeper of the Celtic Secrets"], knowledge about the origins of the major races, who call the Earth home, is being shared with others. You must keep an open mind - stay out of your cave now, or you won't be able to grasp the wisdom being presented here.


Yes, Virginia, there really were E.T.'s, who do you think provided the wisdom to build the pyramids, give us mathematical equations, science and astronomy? Are you ready for some real wisdom? OK - Good. As per old family journals containing knowledge from ancient Ireland, the origin of races are as follows:


1) Caucasoid, or the WHITE races, descend from the Anunnaki, including the Elohiym godhead. And yes, the ancient Israelites, are actually descendants of the Elohiym royal family.

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Lloyd Pye: Everything you know is wrong 1/14

Genetic Defects Explained...

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Jesus (Yashua’s) Nazarene

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We wonder today if there is a bloodline group alive today that has the same bloodline that Jesus (Yashua) was born with and I SAY YES.  This bloodline is not large in number but they represent about 10% of the global populations and can be found primarily in the United State but on all continents as well.   


These descendents have a rare blood factor and have prehistoric ancestors that can be tracked back to an area in the world known as the “Garden.” This original people group on earth were what we refer to today as Scandinavians.  Believe it or not, the oldest mummies all over the world had blonde hair, which also tells us that our original ancestors were Scandinavians.  I mean all of us.  It does not matter what color your skin is today, your original ancestors on earth were Scandinavian. When Jesus (Yashua) said we were all brothers he meant it literally.

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Was King Tut Rh- Type A2 with HLA-B27 related conditions.

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Written by:Jon Hamilton "Frail & Sickly, King Tut Suffered Through Life" External link opens in new tab or window Published February 16, 2010


King Tutankhamen, known as Egypt's boy pharaoh, probably spent much of his life in pain before dying at 19 from the combined effects of malaria and a broken leg, scientists say. Tut also had a cleft palate and a curved spine, and was probably weakened by inflammation and problems with his immune system, they say.  In External link opens in new tab or windowother articles they also reference bone disease and a clubbed foot. Malaria is generally said to be one of the diseases related to the mutation of the Rh-Factor.

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External link opens in new tab or windowKing Tutankhamen's R1b Caucasian Origins

An Ancient Egyptian Connection.

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Written by:Ker Than for External link opens in new tab or windowNational Geographic News Published February 16, 2010


External link opens in new tab or windowKing Tut may be seen as the golden boy of ancient External link opens in new tab or windowEgypt today, but during his reign, Tutankhamun wasn't exactly a strapping sun god.

Instead, a new DNA study says, King Tut was a frail pharaoh, beset by malaria and a bone disorder—his health possibly compromised by his newly discovered incestuous origins. (External link opens in new tab or windowKing Tut Pictures: DNA Study Reveals Health Secrets.)


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An Argument I Found That Goes Against a Connection.

Blood Types - Debunking the appropriation of Ancient Egyptian Heritage by Neo Nazis

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Debunking the appropriation of Ancient Egyptian heritage by Neo-Nazis and their sympathizers
Across the web, Neo-Nazis labor to appropriate the ancient Egyptian heritage, and prove a "white Nordic" Egypt using thinly disguised "blood type analysis" reminiscent of the Hitler era. The presence of blood type A for example is held to signify "the white Nordic character" of the Egyptians. The presence of the A2 and its "MN antigens" is held to show a "white Nordic" King Tut. This misinformed "racial science" would be laughable were it not being spammed across the web as "fact." This page debunks Neo-Nazi racial fantasies and its racist appropriation of the ancient Egyptian heritage.


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Now that you've read the basic theories,

there is more in depth information to examine.

Below you will find a collection of information related to the people who are said to be related to the Rh-Negative population.  Some of these stories are similar, some are contradicting and some you may have read before. I did not write these stories, participate in these studies, create the videos or otherwise stake claim to any of this information; I am simply making it available to you in a central location. You can make your own decision.  Please click the Tabs below to browse through the links and information.

Comparing the Jewish Tribes

Comparing Biblical Stories

Are Human Beings still Evolving?

Absolutely, say Scientists ~ External link opens in new tab or windowRead Article!

hybridization of apes and pigs

May 24, 1976

<p class="plain">A new theory for rH negative blood types is hybridization with pigs. Geneticst Eugene McCarthy has put forth a theory on his grand website, that humans are hybrids between apes and pigs. &nbsp;He details a lengthy list of attributes that humans have, but no other primates have. And all of these attributes are shared by a single animal, the common pig. McCarthy doesn't delve heavily into the blood type issues, but my own research uncovered that ALL PIGS ARE RH NEGATIVE. And all pigs are either A- or O- bloodtypes. Pig O- blood is virtually identical to human O- blood, with only very minor differences. Pig A- blood is identical to human A- blood and can be used for a blood transfusion. &nbsp;Readers will also be interested to know that the human ABO blood types are also found in various Orders of Mammals. It's not something unique to humans or unique to primates, except that all other primates are rH positive. &nbsp;According to McCarthy, the pig genetic component may have traced to a single mating between a male pig and a female ape. &nbsp;(Is this comparable to the Biblical account of "original sin", which is something that is passed from mother to child and all humans cannot avoid it). And that the pig component is now &nbsp;so diffuse that it can't easily be found with genetic sequencing. </p>

The 7 Churches of Revelation are Blood Types

May 20, 1976

<div class="plain"><p class="plain">If your body is a tabernacle then your blood type is a Congregation or an Assembly. YAHshuWAH addresses 7 of the assemblies mentioned by John in Revelation. One church (blood type) referred to as the Synagogue of Satan is described but he can't be entreated by them so he will not talk directly to them. The blood types were symbolized by the Menorah. This is the 7 thunders that John was to seal up. It was sweet in his mouth but bitter in his belly. He was told he would unseal this to the world in the future.</p><p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain">-Ephesus &nbsp;- A-'s</p><p class="plain">- Smyrna - B+'s </p><p class="plain">- Pergamum - O-'s </p><p class="plain">- Thyatira - AB+'s </p><p class="plain">- Sardis - A+'s </p><p class="plain">- Philadelphia -AB-'s </p><p class="plain">- Laodecia - B-'s</p></div><div class="plain"></div>

RH Negative African America

May 18, 1976

<p class="plain">I continue to hear stories of RH negative blood lines from Jewish, Scandanavian, and Middle eastern lineages. &nbsp;I am Black. I understand that my ancestors comes from African due to the mocha color of my skin. I also am aware of my Irish ancestors, I have freckles and some red highlights and several of our family members are very fair with red hair. Our Surname is Talley. &nbsp;What I want to know is why my daughters were all born RH - and my sons were all born RH +? I have been told that RH- people are Aliens or Reptillians and are from the blood line of kings and pretty much a part of the illuminati or elite race. I have gotten information from the 5%, Nubians, and other Metaphysical organizations. I am confused. Is it all just conspiracy? To every lie there is a element of truth. Just trying to find it.</p>

possible global phase change

May 18, 1976

<p class="plain"><font class="plainlarge">The sun is surprising scientists by repeating its delay in synchronizing its magnetic polarity change.&nbsp; It did this 11 years ago also, perhaps many times of which we are not aware.&nbsp; <br>This affects Earth differently as during this period of asymmetry <br>where the sun has two of the same magnetic poles, the equatorial cosmic rays emitted are 'slow' and change the shape of the sun's heliosheath bathing E and planets in constant radiation.&nbsp; Perhaps there is additional radiation when the sun completes its change.&nbsp; <br>It is not beyond the realm of possibilities that this event baths the E in a massive magnetic field, the results of which are only beginning to be investigated.&nbsp; Possibly dna separates as proposed in a 4.4*10 to 13th power gauss field. &nbsp; <br></font></p>

10 Creation Myths

May 16, 1976

<div class="plain"> Hammer of the Gods: Norse Mythology (10) <p class="plain">With its bounty of brawny, barrel-chested gods and buxom goddesses, the ancient Norse religion of the Scandinavian and Germanic countries is truly the creation myth for fans of both pro wrestling and heavy metal music. According to Norse lore, before there was Earth (Midgard), there was Muspell, a fiery land guarded by the fire sword-wielding Surt; Ginnungagap, a great void, and Niflheim, a frozen ice-covered land. When the cold of Niflheim touched the fires of Muspell, the giant Ymir and a behemothic cow, Auehumla, emerged from the thaw. Then, the cow licked the god Bor and his wife into being. The couple gave birth to Buri, who fathered three sons, Odin, Vili, and Ve. The sons rose up and killed Ymir and from his corpse created from his flesh, the Earth; the mountains from his bones, trees with his hair and rivers, and the seas and lakes with his blood. Within Ymires hollowed-out skull, the gods created the starry heavens. What can we say: Pure metal magic!!</p> Zoroastrianism, the Religion of Ancient Persia (9) <p class="plain">The Bundahishn of the Middle Persian era tells of the world created by the deity Ahura Mazda. The great mountain, Alburz, grew for 800 years until it touched the sky. From that point, rain fell, forming the Vourukasha sea and two great rivers. The first animal, the white bull, lived on the bank of the river Veh Rod. However, the evil spirit, Angra Mainyu, killed it. Its seed was carried to the moon and purified, creating many animals and plants. Across the river lived the first man, Gayomard, bright as the sun. Angra Mainyu also killed him. Ouch! The sun purified his seed for forty years, which then sprouted a rhubarb plant. This plant grew into Mashya and Mashyanag, the first mortals. Instead of killing them, Angra Mainyu deceived them into worshipping him. After 50 years they bore twins, but they ate the twins, owing to their sin. After a very long time, two more twins were born, and from them came all humans (but specifically Persians). </p> By the Rivers of Babylon (8) <p class="plain">The Babylonian creation myth, the <i>Enuma Elish</i>, begins with the gods of water, Apsu (fresh), and Tiamat (salt), spawning several generations of gods, leading to Ea and his many brothers. However, these younger gods made so much noise that Apsu and Tiamat could not sleep (a complaint still common today amongst apartment-dwellers). Apsu plotted to kill them, but Ea killed him first. Tiamat vowed revenge and created many monsters, including the Mad Dog and Scorpion Man. Ea and the goddess Damkina created Marduk, a giant god with four eyes and four ears, as their protector. In tangling with Tiamat, Marduk, bearing the winds as weapons, hurled an evil wind down her gullet, incapacitating her, and then killed her with a single arrow to her heart. He then split her body in half and used it to create the heavens and the earth. Later he created man to do the drudge work that the gods refused to do, like farming, telemarketing and accounting. (Marduk currently appears on Cartoon Network's <i>Sealab 2020</i>!) </p> Spirits of Ancient Egypt (7) <p class="plain">The ancient Egyptians had several creation myths. All begin with the swirling, chaotic waters of Nu (or Nun). Atum willed himself into being, and then created a hill, otherwise there'd be no place for him to stand. Atum was genderless and possessed an all-seeing eye. He/she spat out a son, Shu, god of the air. Atum then vomited up a daughter, Tefnut, goddess of moisture. These two were charged with the task of creating order out of chaos. Shu and Tefnut generated Geb, the earth, and Nut, the sky. First they were entwined, but Geb lifted Nut above him. Gradually the world's order formed, but Shu and Tefnut became lost in the remaining darkness. Atum removed his/her all-seeing eye and sent it in search of them. (Just how all-seeing it was, and what did Atum do without, remains a mystery.) When Shu and Tefnut returned, thanks to the eye, Atum wept with joy. (Presumably he/she re-inserted the eye first.) Where the tears struck the earth, men sprang up. </p> South of the Border, Down Mexico Way: The Aztecs (6) <p class="plain">The earth mother of the Aztecs, Coatlicue ("skirt of snakes,") is depicted in a fearsome way, wearing a necklace of human hearts and hands, and a skirt of snakes as her name suggests. The story goes that Coatlicue was impregnated by an obsidian knife and gave birth to Coyolxauhqui, goddess of the moon, and to 400 sons, who became the stars of the southern sky. Later, a ball of feathers fell from the sky which, upon Coatlicue finding it and placing it in her waistband, caused her to become pregnant again. Coyolxauhqui and her brothers turned against their mother, whose unusual pregnancy shocked and outraged them, the origin being unknown. However, the child inside Coatlique, Huitzilopochtli, the god of war and the sun god, sprang from his mother's womb, fully-grown and armored (talk about a C-section!). He attacked Coyolxauhqui, killing her with the aid of a fire serpent. Cutting off her head, he flung it into the sky, where it became the moon. That was supposed to comfort Coatlicue, his mother--some comfort! </p></div> <font class="plain">China, the Middle Kingdom (5)</font> <p class="plain">A cosmic egg floated within the timeless void, containing the opposing forces of yin and yang. After eons of incubation, the first being, Pan-gu emerged. The heavy parts (yin) of the egg drifted downwards, forming the earth. The lighter parts (yang) rose to form the sky. Pan-gu, fearing the parts might re-form, stood upon the earth and held up the sky. He grew 10 feet per day for 18,000 years, until the sky was 30,000 miles high. His work completed, he died. His parts transformed into elements of the universe, whether animals, weather phenomena, or celestial bodies. Some say the fleas on him became humans, but there is another explanation. The goddess Nuwa was lonely, so she fashioned men out of mud from the Yellow River. These first humans delighted her, but took long to make, so she flung muddy droplets over the earth, each one becoming a new person. These hastily-made people became the commoners, with the earlier ones being the nobles the first example of mass-production! </p><p class="plain"></p> <p class="plain"></p> <div class="plain"></div> <font class="plain">Japan, this Island Earth (4)</font> <p class="plain">The gods created two divine siblings, brother Izanagi and sister Izanami, who stood upon a floating bridge above the primordial ocean. Using the jeweled spear of the gods, they churned up the first island, Onogoro. Upon the island, Izanagi and Izanami married, and gave forth progeny that were malformed. The gods blamed it upon a breach of protocol. During the marriage ritual, Izanami, the woman, had spoken first. Correctly reprising their marriage ritual, the two coupled and produced the islands of Japan and more deities. However, in birthing Kagutsuchi-no-Kami, the fire god, Izanami died. Traumatized, Izanagi followed her to Yomi, the land of the dead. Izanami, having eaten the food of Yomi, could not return. When Izanagi suddenly saw Izanami's decomposing body, he was terrified and fled. Izanami, enraged, pursued him, accompanied by hideous women. Izanagi hurled personal items at them, which transformed into diversions. Escaping the cavern entrance of Yomi, he blocked it with a boulder, thus permanently separating life from death. (Rather like Persephone in Hades, isn't it?) </p><font class="plain">Hindu Cosmology's Rendezvous with Brahma (3)</font> <p class="plain">The Hindu cosmology contains many myths of creation, and the principal players have risen and fallen in importance over the centuries. The earliest Vedic text, the Rig Veda, tells of a gigantic being, Purusha, possessing a thousand heads, eyes, and feet. He enveloped the earth, extending beyond it by the space of ten fingers. When the gods sacrificed Purusha, his body produced clarified butter, which engendered the birds and animals. His body parts transformed into the world's elements, and the gods Agni, Vayu, and Indra. Also, the four castes of Hindu society were created from his body: the priests, warriors, general populace, and the servants. Historically later, the trinity of Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver), and Shiva (the destroyer) gained prominence. Brahma appears in a lotus sprouting from the navel of the sleeping Vishnu. Brahma creates the universe, which lasts for one of his days, or 4.32 billion years. Then Shiva destroys the universe and the cycle restarts. Relax everybody, the current cycle has a couple billion years left.</p> <div class="plain"></div> <font class="plain">The Greeks and the Titans (2)</font> <p class="plain">The early Greek poets posited various cosmogonies. The best-preserved is Hesiod's Theogony. In this hymn, out of the primordial chaos came the earliest divinities, including Gaia (mother earth). Gaia created Uranus, the sky, to cover herself. They spawned a bizarre menagerie of gods and monsters, including the Hecatonchires, monsters with 50 heads and a hundred hands, and the Cyclopes, the "wheel-eyed," later forgers of Zeus's thunderbolts. Next came the gods known as the Titans, 6 sons and 6 daughters. Uranus, despising his monstrous children, imprisoned them in Tartarus, the earth's bowels. Enraged, Gaia made an enormous sickle and gave it to her youngest son, Cronus, with instructions. When next Uranus appeared to copulate with Gaia, Cronus sprang out and hacked off his father's genitals! Where Uranus's blood and naughty bits fell, there sprang forth more monsters, the Giants and Furies. From the sea foam churned up by the the holy testicles came the goddess Aphrodite. Later, Cronus fathered the next generation of gods, Zeus and the Olympians. And, boy, were <i>they</i> dysfunctional! </p><p class="plain"></p> <div class="plain"></div> <font class="plain">The Genesis of the Judeo-Christian and Islamic Faiths (1)</font> <p class="plain">Genesis, the first book of the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible, contains two origin stories, both of which are accepted as the creation of the world by today's Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths. In the first, God says, "Let there be light," and light appears. In six days, he creates the sky, the land, plants, the sun and moon, animals, and all creatures, including humans. To all he says, "Be fruitful and multiply," which they do. On the seventh day God rests, contemplates his handiwork, and gives himself a good evaluation. In the second story, God creates the first man, Adam, from the earth. He makes a garden in Eden for Adam, but forbids him to eat fruit from the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil." Adam names the animals but remains lonely. God anesthetizes Adam and makes one of his ribs into the first woman, Eve. A talking serpent persuades her to eat the forbidden fruit, and she convinces Adam to do likewise. When God finds out, he drives them from the garden and makes man mortal. They should have stuck with apricots! </p><p class="plain"></p>


May 16, 1976

<p class="plain"><font class="customtext2">While I <i>did not</i> personally write any of the origin theories related to Rh-Negative Factor Origin, I have compiled them for you on this page. I am also in contact with some of the authors of these theories, maybe I can get them to chime in!<br><br>I am interested to know what other people think about theses stories, if you think any of them to be possible, or simply what you think the real story is.&nbsp; Please respectfully share your thoughts and opinions with others who are searching for answers, education and information!</font><br><br>&nbsp;<br></p>