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by Alice
husband has AS


my husband has AS, we had to ask the doctor to test him for HLA-B27, it was positive.  He has taken Humira, Enbral, Cimzia, and is currently taking Cosentyx.  His mother is RH negative, he is AB+, I was wondering if that is the genetic ...


by Sly


 How many of you O negs have had multiple spine and joint surgeries? Just curious. I've had nearly 20 in 20 years - most in the last 15. I'm only 53.


by Keith
Ankylosis spondylosis trigger Microwaved


Iím allergic to microwave. I have repeated to test eating the same food only difference is method of cooking, conventional or microwaved. I have to eat microwaved food food for 2 week for my joints to start arching. Off medicine altogether never ...


by Chelsea


i am O- and I have psoriasis. I started researching this because of a recent miscarriage (which is how I became aware of my blood type). I learned that when I miscarried my RN positive baby, I was actually experiencing an allergic reaction ... ...


by randysmcdermott
Rh factor and immunty/longevity


I was curious if a lot of us negatives have natural immunity or asymptomatic to measles, mumps or chicken pox/  Mom (O-) never had any of these and brother (B-) and I (O-)couldn't get mumps.

Anyone have similar experiences or knowledge ...


by brightlives
rh negs.


I feel that I may have Ankylosin Spondylitis, (AS) because I have had chronic pain in my back and legs since I was a small child. I was supposed to wear a brace but my parent's did not want to have anything look wrong.  So I was born with an uneven ...


The HLA-B27

Genetic Marker

Do you have it?

What does it mean?


The HLA-B27 Genetic Marker is said to have protective properties that seem to guard against the progression of HIV.  It is said, that people with this gene do not have the right proteins  for the HIV virus to bind with. The HLA - B27 Marker is most often found in people with O- Blood.


The HLA-B27 Genetic you have it?


HLA-B27 is an inherited gene marker associated with a number of related rheumatic diseases. They share in common, features such as spinal and peripheral arthritis, skin and GI disorders, anterior chamber eye disease, and psoriasis like skin lesions. This gene is found with highest prevalence in patients with ankylosing spondylosis, as well as reactive arthritis, and patients with the combination of peripheral arthritis and either psoriasis and/or inflammatory bowel disease. To learn more about Ankylosing Spondylitis, click here.



Ankylosing Spondylosis Chronic Pain and Inflammation Areas.  Where is your pain?  How do you find relief?  Join the conversation!


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