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Do you know how rare the Rh- Factor is among the US population?  Only about 15% of the United States Population have the Rh- Negative Blood and the number of compatible donors gets smaller when you separate that into blood type. I have read we are only about 7% of the World's population, but have yet to confirm it with a current source. This External link opens in new tab or windowchart only accounts for a portion of the world's population, External link opens in new tab or windowclick here to view.


There are 8 main blood types.  Blood types A, B, AB, & O are the 4 main blood types.  We get 8 in total because of the Rh- Factor and the blood types it produces including A-, B-, AB- and O-.  Approximately 85% of the US Population have the Rh+ Blood Types of A, B, AB or O. Thus, resulting in a very small population of the more rare Rh Negative Blood Types. 


For many years Type O+ Blood was incorrectly considered to be the Universal Blood Donor.  However, modern medicine now recognizes Type O- Blood to be the only Universal Donor.  With O- blood being one of the rarest blood types and it's ability to be accepted by any patient, the available supplies on hand are very low.  Just search around online for 2 minutes and you will see that there is a  Worldwide need for rare blood type blood donors.  Register Now to be part of the donor network and KNOW where to find your donor match if you are ever in need!


What is the Rh Negative Factor

Having Rh Positive (Rh+) Blood means that you have the Rhesus Monkey Protein in your blood cells.  Having Rh Negative (Rh-) Blood means that you DO NOT have the Rhesus Monkey Protein.  This is important because people with Rh- Blood cannot take a transfusion of Rh+ Blood, they do not mix.  In fact the difference is so extreme that when an Rh- Woman becomes pregnant with an Rh+ baby, she will naturally produce Antibodies that seek out to find and destroy the foreign body; their unborn baby. This strange occurrence of a Mother's body physically attacking its own offspring is otherwise unheard of. Modern Medicine hJoin the Rh-Factor Autoimmune Connection Community Today!  Click here!as produced ways to stop this from occurring in today's pregnancies.  To learn more, click here.


While some of the pregnancy complications around having Rh- Negative (Rh-) Blood have been revealed; the origin of the Rh Negative Factor in Human Blood is still unknown.  In nature the only occurrence that has ever been recorded  was apparently  during the Crossbreeding of a Horse and a Donkey; which resulted in a new species of sterile Rh- Mules.  The best answer science or medicine can currently offer as a "fact" is that the introduction of the Rh negative Factor crossed into the current pool of blood types approximately 35,000 years ago and it's origin in unknown at this time.   For more of the information please see ~ Rh- Origin TheoriesRh- Facts & Fiction  /  Rh- Pregnancies or to truly learn more, become a Member of the New Rh-Negative Autoimmune Connection Community and get access to exclusive health care and research related information!


The Problem with Rh Negative Blood

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We know the Rh Negative Factor is a rare blood type and can affect pregnancy, but it has other differentiating attributes as well.  Rh- Blood is a recessive trait and comes out in people less often, therefore its production in nature is limited. Furthermore, Rh Negative Blood cannot be mutated or cloned, which also limits the possibility of creating Artificial Rh Negative Plasma in the Scientific Realm. 


Simply Put ~ Our US supply is very limited to the 15% of
earthly bodies that carry it within them!


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