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Mar 29, 2020

<p class="plain">Hi I experience alot of feelings and feel an asteroid impact is imminent is it just me or do you bother th neg factors experience this too. I've had strange dreams.</p>

Needle Marks

Jan 20, 2020

<div class="plain"><p class="plain">Hey guys, so I'm a 20 years old - blonde - hazel eye - predominantly swedish/irish descent - raised athiest -&nbsp; currently 'new age' spiritualist - Aries-Pisces cusp (3/22) - (O-) blood&nbsp; </p><br><p class="plain">I've had three dots on my inner right wrist that look like thick needle marks for as long as I can remember. The three I'm referring to here, are in an ALMOST straight line, but the middle one goes futher to the outside of my wrist than the rest. Over the past few months, I gave them a bit more thought… But never thought to post about it. However, I was sparked with some ‘divine-curiosity’ to look further into them. Just recently, I noticed some new things... I have these same 'indents' - (as my young self called them) -&nbsp; on a couple more places around my wrist. If these are simply birthmarks, PLEASE let me know. </p><br><p class="plain">I just can’t help but think that this is something a bit deeper than that. I looked at a few other ‘3-dot’ forums, but unlike many of them, I’m not just talking ‘weird-freckles’… This is literal needle scar looking marks on my arm that I KNOW myself, nor my peers, and nor family created. Iasked my mom if she knew what these marks were from about 9 months ago, she was clueless and concerned as to how I got them. </p><br><p class="plain">Anyways, I was curious if any of you had similar markings. It might just be genetic and some weird works of DNA, however, I'm highly doubting that. </p><br><p class="plain">Do any of you have similar markings? </p><img width="400" daid="18064554//0102.nccdn.net/1_5/000/000/03c/869/IMG_0557.jpg?>' height="300" border="0"></div><div class="plain"><br></div>


Jul 10, 2019

<p class="plain">OK so I gave blood today I'm rho negative as I'm sitting in my chair I'm thinking to myself if I'm donating my RHO negative blood to everyone ,when we need blood who and where are we going to get it from if there is a shortage of rho negatives As you know our blood is universal but who is universal with us? no one. </p>


Jun 10, 2019

<p class="plain">Has anyone else bought the book (RH Factor-The Chosen) by Eva Garibay, Author? My manager bought the e-book and she came back with so much information about a lot of different subjects that sounds like what I'm looking for. &nbsp;I tried getting the paperback but it was sold out. &nbsp;Story has it, that the Author had over 5,000 copies pre-sold before the re-lease date. &nbsp;I also heard she's putting out a part 2, that comes with RH Negative Herbal Remedies for different health problems we all keep encountering. Just asking. </p>

Surrogacy for Sister

Jun 3, 2019

<p class="plain">Hello!</p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">My sister is RH- and has had three miscarriages since the birth of her now 2-year old son. She and her husband don&#x2019;t know how many more miscarriages they can endure. She has gotten the RhoGAM shot twice but it still hasn&#x2019;t helped. I&#x2019;m not 100% certain what my blood type is, but if I&#x2019;m not Rh-, could I possibly be a surrogate for her in the future? Have any of you had experience with this or know anything about it?</div><p class="plain"></p>

email forwarding failed / searching for rh- software developer to exchange experience

Apr 28, 2019

<p class="plain">Hi, I’m searching for a rh- software developer or technician like myself. I would like to exchange experience and advice. So if you are interested you can mail me.</p><p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain">Edit: Email forwarding failed. I did not receive any mail by now. I noticed e-mail forwarding failed for some reason. So I case you did already right me please try it again direct to Fridge7@web.de or here.<br><br></p>

Looking for others to meet in person

Apr 23, 2019

<p class="plain">Hi. Im hoping to find some one i can talk to about this in person. I live in south fl and Im a 31 yrar old female.&nbsp; I've been thinking about pregnancy lately but im scared based on everything I know. If there is anyone in the area i would love to meet up. Please email me with info on pregnanciesor to meet. Thank you.</p>

Are you interested in co-writing a RH-negative book with me?

Apr 21, 2019

<p class="plain">Hello there fellow RH-negative!<br><br>I am about to write a book with a RH-negative storyline&nbsp; but am having a difficult time putting everything together on my own hence the reason for this post.<br><br>Write me a PM if you are interested in learning more.</p>

Ms Tammie Richardson

Apr 1, 2019

<p class="plain">hello</p><div class="plain">My name isTammie Richardson </div><p class="plain"></p>

Looking for my biological father

Mar 26, 2019

<p class="plain">I have known for years my dad is not my biological father.&nbsp; I am hoping the fact that he has to be rh- will help find out who he is.&nbsp; I am rare:&nbsp; AB-.&nbsp; &nbsp;I was born in Jan of 1965, in Rochester, NY.&nbsp; </p>


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