There appears to be a very common issue at the "Base Cause and Effect" of Autoimmune Conditions, Rh-Factor Incompatible Pregnancy and Organ Transplants.   The human body simply recognizes something within itself, as a foreign object or intruder, which activates the immune system to do its job and attack, but that attack may eventually turn on an attack the body itself!

External link opens in new tab or windowHLA - In fact, the HLA profile defines the cells from an individual or “self”, distinguishing them from those from other individuals showing a different HLA profile, “non-self”.
External link opens in new tab or windowAutoimmunity is the failure of an organism to recognize its own constituent parts as "self", which allows an immune response against its own cells and tissues.
Rh-Negative Incompatible Pregnancy is when a mother's immune system responds to any mixing of the baby's Rh+ red blood cells into the mother's system.  Her body sees the baby's Rh+ red blood cells as an intruder or foreign object and it creates antibodies against them. These antibodies will then attack an Rh positive baby's blood, causing causing the red blood cells of the baby to swell and rupture. This hemolytic disease can cause anemia, illness, brain damage and death.
External link opens in new tab or windowTransplant rejection occurs when a transplanted organ or tissue is not accepted by the body of the transplant recipient. This is explained by the concept that the immune system of the recipient attacks the transplanted organ or tissue.

Would it not make sense after seeing this basic trend, that we look deeper at the basics of our creation, our blood types, Rh-factor, proteins, DNA and RNA to see what is causing our bodies to find themselves as a foreign object or intruder? Knowing that you are Type A- like me is one thing, but really knowing that I am AO-/- may tell another story.  Knowing your true blood type and factors as they were passed down to you may make a huge difference to your health; we may never know because it sees not many are looking!  
One thing is clear, there is an argument or "dis-ease" occurring in many of our bodies right now! While statistics will vary and certain groups may suffer from higher frequency; Autoimmune Disease and Rh-Negative Blood do not discriminate.  They show up in just about every ethnic group, people of every color, and any faith of religion.  They exist today on each and every Continent and in every Country; while People of all ages and both sexes suffer every day...and still there is NO KNOWN CAUSE and NO KNOWN CURE!

My goal here is to look at our similarities and our differences and see how we can de-compartmentalize the current method of health care and medicine. Chances are that if you suffer one Autoimmune Condition, that you already or may one day in the future face others.  The symptoms and affects on the body tend to overlap and progress which could make diagnosis much more complicated.

The old fashion idea of a "Family Doctor" has apparently faded from existence.  It seems as though, everything now in the medical/insurance field is now about Compartmentalized Care, Prescriptions, Specialists and Referrals. When you have a Systemic Autoimmune Condition you may need more than a Rheumatologist or at least a Rheumatologist who is also educated on the specific relationship to other symptoms, conditions and the affect on the organs and other body parts.  They should know the blood, tissue and urine signals to look for that implicate progression of the disease, complication of the treatment or other related issues, like pregnancy. 

We need to become more proactive in our own health care and the education of ourselves and our families.  We need to address our conditions to our health care providers with more confidence, knowing that we have done our homework.  We should all be thinking about outside of the box ideas that can lead to a cure, symptom improvement and better treatments.  We should all be teaching prevention to our younger generations and I hope I have created a great place for everyone to get started! 

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