Are you an Rh Negative Blood Type?


Only 15% of the entire World's Population have Rh Negative Blood!  In the event of an Accident, Illness, Emergency, Operation or even worse a Mass Catastrophe; we Rh-Negative Patients are at the HIGHEST RISK of not having a Matching Blood Donor available.  Join the Registry and be prepared for the unexpected!


Rh Negative Blood CANNOT be cloned like Rh Positive Blood, meaning our supply is limited to us!


If you have Rh Negative Blood and would be willing to donate to a person in need or would like the comfort of knowing where to find a matching donor when you are in need, please join the Registry.  Lifetime Membership is only $1.99!


Here is how it works.  In the event that an Rh- Registry Member is in need of a blood donation; we will email, text or call the Rh- Registry Members who can help in that specific area.  The Members themselves can then choose whether or not they can fill the donation need.


When you're in need: In the event that you are the person in need of a compatible donor, we can be contacted by you, a family member, friend or emergency worker to request that we reach out to the Registry Member to find you an available donor.  They will just need to tell us your name and the Hospital a donor can report to. 


When you can help: If you are an available and matching donor who receives an email, text or call for donor help; please report to the hospital front desk.  Let them know that you are there to make an emergency Rh- rare blood donation to a patient.  We will have already called the hospital to let them know that we have alerted our Registry Members and people will be showing up to make donations.


Order Your Optional Rh-Negative Membership Kit: When you Join the Rh- Registry, you will be added to our registry database.  However, you can choose to further enhance your membership and protection by ordering an Rh-Negative Membership Safety Kit to help others become more quickly aware of your Rh- Status in the event of a medical emergency.  In the Membership Kit you will receive two (2) "Rare Blood Type Rh-" window decals; one for your car and one for your home, you will also receive a Stainless Steel "Rh- ID Charm" to personally wear.  When every moment counts, this will help!   Emergency workers will become more quickly aware of your rare blood type needs, giving them the opportunity to call ahead to the hospital and make them aware also! To order a kit, click here.


All contact that occurs between our Registry and it's Members will be made directly and only by the Rh- Registry Administration.  Your information will never be given, sold, traded or otherwise made available to the public or any other business.  The privacy and protection of your information is very important to us. Please note that the Rh Negative Registry is an independent commercial enterprise and maintains no relationship with any medical or civic institution. If you have questions or comments about this web site please External link opens in new tab or windowe-mail us.



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A Personal Note to all My Visitors,


Thanks for visiting the Rh-Negative Registry.  Your information is considered to be personal and private and will never be given out to anyone.  In the event you are in need of a donor, you or another authorized person may contact us.  We will send out an information blast that states:  A Member is in need of a ( Blood Type) donor, if you can assist please report to the front desk at (Hospital & Location) and let them know you are a (Blood Type) donor who is there to fill an Emergency need.  Other members will not even need to have your name.  We only ask for a location so that we can make our outreach as effective as possible, by knowing the general location of our donors across the world.  If you have any questions, please call me directly at 623-322-8487.  Lifetime Membership is just $1.99; a nominal one time fee to cover the cost of maintaining the website and service to our members. 


Thanks you,

Jessica Farrell (A-)

Surprise, AZ