Rh-Negative Pregnancy Forum http://www.rhnegativeregistry.com/Rh_Negative_Mother_Pregnancy_RhoGAM_Anti_D_HDN.html hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 Th meg question http://www.rhnegativeregistry.com/pc_url_38269849 <p class="plain">Hi I was 10 1/2 weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage. I also have a negative blood type. I did not get the shot until after the miscarriage. However I was pregnant about 7 months before this and had a blighted ovum. I never got the shot then either. Could this hav caused my miscarriage? I already have 2 kids ages 13 and 8. And yes I had to get a th beg shot while I was pregnant with them.</p> Jaime 2017-12-22T05:07:03-08:00 Th meg question Ms http://www.rhnegativeregistry.com/pc_url_38175629 <p class="plain">Hi.  How did I get Rh neg and B beg blood </p> Kp 2017-11-08T21:56:09-08:00 Ms RE: Need help http://www.rhnegativeregistry.com/pc_url_37808156 <p class="plain">Hi,<br><br>That's a question I have too. I am O- and both of my sons are RH+ . I had no intervention during my pregnancies either. I know that the blood group O- are universal donors... is that why there were no issue for my sons or I during my pregnancies even though they were RH+?<br><br>If anyone knows the answer I would be glad to hear! : )<br><br>Many Thanks,<br>Maggie<br></p> Maggie 2017-08-09T17:00:10-07:00 RE: Need help Need help http://www.rhnegativeregistry.com/pc_url_37517707 <p class="plain">Can someone help me. At postpartum an rh negative mom gave birth to an rh positive baby, but mom has not produced anti-D in her blood. Does she still need rhogam?</p> Confused girl 2017-05-30T05:23:23-07:00 Need help RE: RH baby (blue) http://www.rhnegativeregistry.com/pc_url_37473892 <p class="plain">I was born back in the early 50's to a mother with O- blood. I am A+ and the third  child from my mom's marriage to my dad. Her first birth was uneventful, but she lost the second child to Eryhtroblastosis.  When pregnant with me, her doctor treated her with a regiment of daily vitamin shots to thicken her blood, in the hopes that my blood would not cross the placenta. Unfortunately, it did cross, and her blood attacked mine. The vitamens  he gave her thickened my blood so that they he had difficulty transfusing me. In time they had stabilized me, but sent my mom home to nurse me. The situation began all over again due to my ingesting her milk.</p> Shelley 2017-05-01T22:17:58-07:00 RE: RH baby (blue) Helo http://www.rhnegativeregistry.com/pc_url_36995694 <p class="plain">As my mother was B positive and my father is O positive...  myself was twins , i m O negative..... but my other pair of twins was died by appearance of "blue baby".... but i m alive.... what is the reason of that baby died ???</p> abi 2016-11-12T00:35:13-08:00 Helo RE: COOMB'S TEST, INDIRECT, SERIUM RESULT http://www.rhnegativeregistry.com/pc_url_36651761 <p class="plain">Priya,</p><p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain">Doctor's will decide to proceed only after getting the Doppler Ultrasound scan reports, which will be recommended to be done at 18th - 19th week.</p><p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain">The scan report will reveal the foetus blood quality.</p><p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain">Our prayers to you and your family.</p><p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain">Regards,</p><p class="plain">Pradeep k</p> pradeep 2016-06-27T03:18:01-07:00 RE: COOMB'S TEST, INDIRECT, SERIUM RESULT COOMB'S TEST, INDIRECT, SERIUM RESULT http://www.rhnegativeregistry.com/pc_url_36578351 <p class="plain">AS PER COOMB'S TEST, INDIRECT, THE RESULTS ARE GIVEN BELOW<br>RESULT   :  POSITIVE<br>TITRE     ; 1:32<br>BLOOD GROUP IS O NEGATIVE<br>DOCTOR SAID THAT   NEED TO TAKE  EXPERT ADVICE FOR BEFORE 18 WEEKS OF PRAGENCY. THIS IS COMPLICATE CASE. I GOT FIRST CHILD WITH O POSITIVE. YOU ARE REQUESTED TO TELL, I SHOULD CARRY PRESENT PRAGENCY OR NOT. PLEASE GIVE RIGHT DECISION TO CONTINUE THIS PRAGENCY<br></p> PRIYA 2016-06-04T22:40:29-07:00 COOMB'S TEST, INDIRECT, SERIUM RESULT Rh sensitized http://www.rhnegativeregistry.com/pc_url_36472156 <p class="plain">My wife is 2 month into pregnancy now, through Indirect Coombs test we found that she is sensitized and the titer ratio is 1:8,  Doctors in India say there is no treatment apart from repeating the titer ratio and carrying out Doppler scan every 2 weeks once. We are much depressed, could anyone please let me know if any treatment available or if anyone of your neighbours have come across similar situation.</p> Pradeep 2016-04-24T20:50:41-07:00 Rh sensitized RE: RH baby (blue) http://www.rhnegativeregistry.com/pc_url_36153949 <p class="plain">If you are sure you mother was neither O nor BO then she would have to be A- she could not be AB - or you would be AB as well as your siblings. </p> MMRN 2016-01-31T00:47:31-08:00 RE: RH baby (blue)